MGP is Open

Due to a delay, 'out of stock' items will be out for another week and a half still.
This sucks!!
Well def interested please send an email with the updated pricelist of what is available if it has changed my dude, looking for aromasin and clomid mostly
A clomid oral suspension can be made....never been asked for that one either. lol.

Thats awesome, since SarmsX down looking for a reliable source , how do i go about seeing if and when that can be made ThinD?
for 30ml if similar to sarmsx which was 50mg/ml that be great...what would the price be like $40 like the clomid/nolvamix? did not think liquids could be personalized lol
a 50mg/ml would be legit
Hey guys, sorry if this is a dumb question but I am assuming that the liquid nolva and clomid pct are mixed in the same vial. If it is, how do I ensure that I get the right amount of each? Does each 45mg dose automatically have 25mg clomid + 20mg nolvadex?

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