Injection sites for insulin needles


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Hey bro?s

So just finished up a show, rebound hit hard went from 5-6% bf to about 15% now, I got used to using skinny half inch insulin needles to inject all my gear with (not just hgh but test and masteron ect.) I got away with that since my bf was low enough for the needle to penetrate through the fat and reach the muscle underneath, I did it mostly all in my quads. Now I?m fat, but I really don?t wanna go back to 23/24 g needles, I?m not a pussy but once you experience the skinny-ness of insulin needles and you have to inject weekly no matter what (trt) it?s hard to go back to fat 23g?s. I feel my quads are too fat, so I wanted to know if you guys have any strats for insulin needle injecting. Can I go Into calves? My calves stay very lean even striated in off season. What about chest or arms ? Any advice would be much appreciated.
You can but calf injections can be super painful. Honestly, a 25g should be just fine. I use that at 1" and pin almost any muscle.
Ha dude I gave up using anything other than insulin needles for my injections years ago. I do not know how you do quads man I had way to many bad injections and said F$ck quads never again! I pin with 27guage half inch insulin pins and I pin my chest, side delts, rear delts, biceps, triceps. I will never go back to quad or anything over a 27g needle. Iv heard calf injection are terrible so I would stay away but that?s juts me. To b honest my favorite place is the chest and biceps.
ventrogluteal for me and its been way more pleasant since i made that switch several years ago
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