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Hey guys,

So, I’ve been hanging around here for a bit, picking up all sorts of tips on getting swole. But man, I’m stuck in this annoying rut.

I’m a 27-year-old dude, about 5'7", and I’m slightly underwight (bmi 20.2) . Been pounding it out in the gym and chowing down like a beast for about a year now, trying to get bigger. But honestly, it’s slow going, and I’m getting pretty frustrated.

I usually grab my stuff from Napsgear, and it’s been solid. But even with the supplements and my regular gym grind, I’m just not seeing the gains I want.

My main thing is bulking up and packing on some muscle mass. So, I’m reaching out to you all for some advice or ideas on what might give me that boost I need.

Also, on the food side, I’m chomping down on whatever helps, and I’m big on this cream coffee, even got myself a fancy machine like these ones — gotta have it daily, you know?

If any of you've been through this or have some killer suggestions, hit me up! Let’s crack this together and make some serious progress. Or not, jokes are welcome, lol
chomping down like a beast and drinking cream coffee is not how you build quality muscle mass

you need to be consuming quality foods and drinking good quality spring water. forget the cream coffee, you are actually murdering your appetite when you drink that shit and only getting more and more addicted lol
Your 27, it takes time and work and you will never gain as fast as you want. Some guy grow easy and I was never one of them
You need to track your macros and see what ypu are actually consuming. Im sure there's deficiencies

Training may need some work too.
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