HGH Video Thread Outdated


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Hello Dylan. I was browsing HGH info and came across a thread you posted a while back. It says "watch this vid", but it's now outdated unfortunately.

Do you have an updated vid please? I haven't used HGH in years and need a refresher (starting dose, mixing bac water properly, etc.)

i'm sure he will put a new one up soon
Do you remember the correct dosing protocol? Is it: start with 2iu/day for 1 week, then increase the dose another 2iu the following week, then continue this until you reach the desired iu intake?
i never posted a video that gave any sort of dosing protocol like that so im not sure who you got that from but it wasnt me... i generally recommend sticking with 2-3 ius per day and not going any higher...

im doing my best on the videos... often times people forget that i dont get paid to do that... i have a wife and family i take care of and that doesnt pay my bills... so i do them as frequently as i can but there's only so much i can do... not to mention that i have a list of requests that is a mile long and i take them in order to be fair to everyone
Dylan has you covered. I know he makes the videos as he can but I see a lot of demands often thrown at him and often wonder what people are thinking in terms of him doing this in spare time and sacrificing so much time as it is
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