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Help me build a cut plan


Haven?t updated in a bit. Been a great cut so far. The sarms from S4S have made a huge difference. I feel I?ve maintained my muscle while dropping fat which was goal. I?ve even hit a couple PR during the cut which makes no sense to me. These last few pounds have been really slow and difficult. My body seems to adjust quickly to the calorie deficit so I have to keep jumping back to maintenance then drop into deficit again. I personally prefer the MK to LDG after this cycle. For me strength is just as good and no puffiness however I?m not bulking as I would with LDG.
I don?t think I can get to 205 as planned but I?d like to try for 210. Any tips from anyone would be appreciated.

Here is progress pic from right to left. 238/220/219.
Go easy on me, I?m just a dad in his mid forties.


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