Gyno AFTER tren cycle PCT, please help


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Love your channel man. You've taught me a lot about safe and responsible gear usage.

That being said, I was not prepared for this post PCT gyno... let me describe my situation.

I've ran multiple cycles in the past, with test, anavar, and winstrol (not all at once). This summer, I decided to add tren to the mix for the first time.

I ran tren at 350mg the first 3-4 weeks and eventually upped it to about 420mg (I had 100mg/ml tren ace, was injecting 50mg ED then went up to 60mg ED)

I ran test prop at a constant 210mg/ week.

I took 12.5mg aromasin on a Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday schedule, which I actually thought would be over kill because I'm not one to really aromatize and I use that same dosage when I've ran cycles of 500mg test. But I didn't have any issues with low E symptoms all cycle so I kept it up.

I ran caber from week 2 on, the cycle lasted 10 weeks, and I ran caber for the first 2 weeks into pct. PCT consisted of clomid @ 100/100/50/50, Nolva @ 40/40/20/20, and aromasin @ 12.5mg M/W/F just as I did on cycle. I did not use HCG.

I recovered great! Kept a lot of strength gains and almost all size gains. Sex drive was a little lower in pct but I had no ED issues, and after pct ended my sex drive went back to being through the roof.

But about one month after pct, I noticed my nipples starting to hurt. I didn't really think anything of it, and thought it was psychological. But then I noticed a lump under my left nipple, so I immediately began taking Nolva again for a few days but it seemed to get worse. Upon some research I saw that Nolva can raise prolactin levels, and since this is the first time I've gotten gyno and the first time I've ran tren I figured it had to be prolactin related. I stopped Nolva and purchased some letrozole and I've been running it at 2.5mg for the past 5 days, and I just bought some B6 too which I just added in yesterday. The letro has helped a bit, but I was hoping for better results.

Why did this happen? What did I do wrong? And how do I fix it, IF i can fix it? I'm going to continue the letro for a few more days (still not having any ED issues or sore joints from the Letro), and then do some aromasin again.

I have caber on hand but didn't really want to use it because my source doesn't get it in very often and I wanted to save it for my next cycle in case he wasn't in stock by then; but if you recommend I take it I totally will. I figured the B6 and letro would be enough.

Thanks for reading this long email dude. I really thought I took all possible precautions and ran my gear responsibly. Maybe 420mg tren was a little too high for my first go at a 19-nor. Please help whenever you have the chance to reply. Thanks a bunch for everything man.
you need to STOP DOING GUESS WORK and run bloodwork IMMEDIATELY... im not recommending ANYTHING until you get bloodwork... you need to get your estradiol and prolactin checked as a MUST and priority now so i can properly advise you
Blood work for sure. Dont be reckless and run these compounds without knowing for sure what your blood work says.

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please let me know you are understanding this because its extremely important... this is not a joke man
These guys are setting you straight. Don't guess, you'll potentially make things worse. Get bloodwork done to isolate the issue so you can approach it properly.
I found a private lab in the town over from me to check my test and estro levels. But they do not offer a prolactin test... i'll keep looking. This timing is awful, I leave the country Sunday for 10 days and I'm not sure what, if any, of my AI's I can bring on the flight. Dylan, and everyone else, thank you for your help. I should've gotten tests during and post cycle. I didn't think I'd have issues running such a low dose of test, especially with taking all the necessary AI/ DA/ SERMS. I'm going to call the private MD lab after work and see if they offer a prolactin test that I didn't see online.
Ahhh that's the same website I found too. I now see that there is an option to add a prolactin test. They don't offer a test for estro and prolactin together tho? I have to order two separate tests? No big deal I don't mind spending the $ to find the problem, I was just wondering if I'm not finding the right tests. Thanks again dude I cant say it enough
Found it! Female hormone test with prolactin for $99, and used BB7YTG coupon code for 15% off. Will be calling them in about 30 mins to schedule, and I'll reply again with results.
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