Urologist appointment for anavar induced gyno


Hey guys,

I have an appointment in one month because I have itchy swollen slightly painful nipples from gyno and I don't know what to do, I've been off-cycle for exactly 2 months now and I'm so glad my ba** size has come back to fairly normal, I have good energy at the gym but these painful nipples...

What should I tell the Doc? Any idea?

I even thought about lying to him like "I gained a bunch of weight over the winter and my nipples started to hurt" but I don't think it's very wise, I'd rather say the truth, in fact in happened 2 days after having started an anavar cylce but maybe it was Dbol, who knows!

my bet is you could have had estrogen rebound from a previous cycle

I took orals randomly and all I can say is that two days after I had taken the "Anavar" which made me swole, big and strong, I developed gyno.

It was very stupid, that's why now I want to do something smart
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