GW7042 Umbrella Labs Poly-Cell


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Quick question: This is my first time using a poly-cell sublingually method of ingestion/absorption. I think I read, keep it under your tongue for 1 min. Took my first dose earlier today, I guess the question I’m asking is after the minute.. do you just wash down what’s remaining with water?

On a side note: this is the first time using Umbrella labs, I usually go with sarms4sale which I’ve always been impressed by their products, customer service and shipping, but damn did Umbrella labs deliver quick, right in the middle for Xmas no less. Only tried Umbrella this time cause of the Poly-Cell formula. Got my eyes on completing a Marathon late this year, so I’m only using GW7042.

Dylan and forum members Thanks again for all the great info and for the great sarm sources.

Regards Manny
It sounds like everyone has you covered! If you have any other questions just let us all know!
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