Gonna miss at least 5 days on my rad140 cycle


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I been on rad140 for a full 4 weeks shorted myself on doses I thought I had more. Will I be okay to continue off after missing 5 days? Worried about suppression should I just continue or start PCT and start over after .
you will be fine man just get more and run it umbrella will ship fast to you
Appreciate the reply bro I couldn't see just giving up whenever I was just getting saturated and seeing my results kinda upset me I did that to myself
Missing five days will be okay. Obviously it is not ideal nor something you want to make a habit of but you will be fine to continue
Right yeah deff learned to pay attention more to my doeses since I started lower and went up thru the week to feel it out . QUICK QUESTION THO what's y'all's thoughts about rad150 over 140 and switching it to rad 150 would you recommend just sticking to the 140 cycle or possibly okay to try 150 I like the 140 but 150 is stronger correct
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