First Cycle: Primo + Anavar + Test vs. just Test. Help!


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Hey guys,

Stats: 6'2" 202lbs, 37yo. Approx 11% body fat right now.
Cardio: Running Intermittent Fasting, HIIT Cardio about 4x/week.
Resistance: Lifting 5x-6x/week.
Diet: High Protein, Low Carb, Calorie Deficit with Carb Cycling & one cheat meal once every 10 days.
History: I've tried HGH from anti-aging clinic. Gained about 7lbs of beef (and bones). Never AAS. Looking to take it to the next level.

Don't wanna get much bigger and looking to maintain my size + shred. I'd prefer to avoid side effects, and I've read only good things about Anavar & Primo. Would prefer to avoid Test all together due to side effects of gyne & acne, but since Anavar & Primo can reduce natural Test, I thought I'd stack the two with a low amount of test as well. Right now the following seems like it'd be the perfect stack for my needs but I would love your suggestions:

Weeks 1-8 Test E, 300mg/week (low dose just to keep levels up)
Weeks 1-8 Novaldex 20mg/day
Weeks 4-12 Anavar 40mg/day (told 6 - 8 weeks is max and to run late as it can suppress appetite)
Weeks 4-22 Primo 600mg/week (told running long is best)
N2 Guard throughout cycle
PCT to follow

So here's my question:
Even though I want to avoid bulking, I was told on my first cycle I should be taking ONLY Test and more of it 350mg/week - 500mg/week. However if i'm super body acne prone and shredding is what I'm after, wouldn't it make more sense to run the cycle I've listed above since avoiding acne and bulking are very important to me. Again, suggestions/edits to perfect my proposed stack are welcome.

Lookin forward to getting swole. Thx for the advice guys. – J
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okay bro.. you have A VERY SIMPLE answer here... DO NOT use steroids if you dont want to use test, period... your first cycle for 22 fucking weeks??? come on bro... have you done any research at all, i mean any?? anavar 9 weeks?? oh boy... this is such a mess... first of all, you would never run 3 compounds on a first cycle, period... you tell me if you think thats truly wise? i dont care how mild they are... or not are... 22 weeks on any cycle is pretty damn and on a first? are you just wanting to have a horrible horrible experience?? i mean bro.. have you done any research on this at all... i understand your looking forward to getting swole as you said and thats awesome and you have good stats but you are about to royally fuck that up...
Hey man,

Damn, did a ton of research but glad I ran it by you before making any big moves. Will head back to the drawing board.

who on the planet earth recommended this type of thing to you bro... fucking seriously? like i would like to know who said to run this much shit and that long on a first cycle... i really would because they the epitomy of the word douchebag...

your first cycle should be test only bro... period... how do you expect your body to adapt, adjust and respond by running multiple steroids? how do you expect to recover and keep ANY gains running that long of a cycle on a first cycle? smfh on the morons that encourage shit when they dont know what they are doing then guys like you get hurt listening to what you THINK is someone knowing what they are doing... STICK AROUND HERE so you don't get fucked up bro
Hey dude. You don't need a drawing board.

1-12 Testosterone (Cypionate or Enanthate) @ 350-400 mg per week.
1-12 Aromasin @ 12.5 mg every other day.

This is for a first cycle. Not Primo, not orals, just Test. You will make big gains on it. Trust us.
Thanks amigo. I'm learning quick I need to keep it simple.
But again I don't want gains. Don't want a lot of additional muscle mass which is why I was vowing for Primo & Anavar originally.
I'm down to bulk just a bit, but will this one help me shred some?
Thanks again for lookin out for me. You guys rock.

First cycle should be test only bud. Stepping into this world, all cycles will have test as a base so the first run should be your time to see how your body responds. As far as your goals are concerned, this is where diet comes into play. If your goal is to cut, focus needs to be on nutrition primarily.
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