First Blood Test Completed before Cutting Cycle


blood work completed everything look good to start cycle?

These are all the results of all blood tests I could get out of my doctor.

Estradiol 50pg/ml standard range <=50pg/ml
Testosterone 671ng/dL standard range >=240ng/dL
Hgb a1c 5.4% standard range <=5.6%
Estimated average glucose 108mg/dL standard range 85-126
WBC count 5.1k/uL standard range 3.7-11.1
Red blood cell count 4.94m/uL standard 4.1-5.7
Hgb 15.6g/dL standard 13-17
Hematocrit 47.3% standard 39-51
MCV 96fL standard 80-100
Rdw, rbc 11.6% standard 12-16.5
Platelets count 308k/uL standard 140-400
RBCs, nucleated 0/100wc standard 0/100wc

Alanine aminotransferace 39 u/L standard 0-47

Prolactin 6ng/mL standard 2-18

Thyroid stimulating hormone 1.11uiu/mL standard 0.4-4.2

Lipid Panel:
Cholesterol 203mg/dL standard <=239mg/dL
Triglyceride, non fasting standard 113mg/dL <=879mg/dL
HDL 58mg/dL standard >=40mg/dL
LDL Calculated non fasting 122mg/dL standard <=159mg/dL

Standard range is just what my hospital apps show me as the standard range

For reference I am a male 182lb 15% bf 6’0 22 years of age. Looking to start a cutting cycle with 25mg ostarine 20mg gw daily for 12 weeks. Want to make sure everything looks right first. These were the only blood work tests my doctor would order.
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