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I messed up I took ferodrox test boost from vitamin shop just to try it for a month. Been off for 3 weeks now last Monday I noticed my left nipple was sensitive and a lump long story short I got Gyno and was about to start my ladypharma cutting stack.

1-12 - s4
1-12 - rad-140
1-16 - gw
12-16 - dga pct
12-16 - Colmid

My current stats 5’7” 178lbs 20% bf hence the cutting stack. I fell like I need a run something for the Gyno before I start this and need your In put. Here’s my blood work.

Component My values Standard range
RBC, AUTO 5.40 M/ul 4.15 - 6.10 M/ul
CREATININE 0.97 mg/dl 0.50 - 1.20 mg/dl
LDL 83 mg/dL <130 mg/dL
ESTRADIOL 46.1 of/ml 0-56 pg/ml
HGB A1C %, HPLC 5.2 % <5.7 %
LH 4.8 mIU/ml mIU/ml
CHOL 145 mg/dl <200 mg/dl
HDL 59 mg/dl >34 mg/dl
TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL 5.02 ng/ml 1.23 - 8.14 ng/ml
a test booster is not going to give you gyno dude and especially not from a month of using it...
Test boosters typically won’t give you gyno. But somthing weird that happened to me I strayed from my usual test boost supplements and got somthing the guy said was good from the vitamin shop. A brief look at the label and I bought as it had some stuff I recognized. I ended up getting a gyno flare up I was in shock I stopped the supplement and took some aromosin as I always have some on hand from cycling, and it went away but I will never Use that shot again. Not sure what was in it that did it and don’t remember the brand but would recognize the bottle if I saw it. Lesson learned juts stick with DGA Post CT lol
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