Very elevated ALT and AST


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Hi everyone,

Concern: Elevated AST & ALT, is this beyond acceptable even by steroid standards.

BP 120/ 60
Height 66.929"
Weight 171 lbs
BMI 26.80 kg/m?
Temp 98.1 ? F
Heart Rate 56/min
Resp Rate 20/min
O2 Sat 99%
Probably 6 to 8% BF
Age 39
Vascularity has increased tremendously

1hr cycling cardio every morning(reduced from 2hr, on in morning one in night)
lifting 5 days per weeks

Caloric intake:
At my minimum 1200 to 1500 cal a day for a month, Now generally about 2000 per day
I am aware of not drinking enough water

My blood work came back these are the "problematic" things:
AST 83 U/L (10-40 )
ALT 257 U/L (9-46 )
LDL-CHOLESTEROL 162 mg/dL_(calc)
CHOL/HDLC RATIO 6.5 (calc)
NON HDL CHOLESTEROL 180 mg/dL_(calc)
PROLACTIN <1.0 ng/mL
HEMATOCRIT 51.7 % (38.5-50.0 )
MCV 74.3 fL (80.0-100.0 )
MCH 23.9 pg (27.0-33.0 )
RDW 16.5 % (11.0-15.0 )

Not a problem, but will list:
ESTRADIOL 21 pg/mL (< OR = 39 )

Have about 8 weeks left on cycle:
Cyp 400mg/w
Dec 400mg/w
Bol 400mg/w
Tren 200mg/w

Previously during currenty cycle used anadrol for about 6 to 8 weeks. 50mg/d

Use caber every 3/d 0.5mg and arimidex every 3/d 1mg. for past 6 or so weeks. I don't think based on my body type I have any issues with estrogen or prolactin. No gyno, doctor confirmed.
were you using any protection with anadrol? this is why we tell everyone just how toxic anadrol is!
8 weeks is excessive for Anadrol and it put an excessive strain on your liver. It will return to normal with time. I've had my ALT level up to 350 once and it returned to normal after a few weeks.
Red blood count and hemocrit are likely due to the steroids in particula the EQ. Assuming you have donated blood correct?
thank you for all the responses. No I did not use any liver support and was assuming it came from the anadrol, future wise ill just stay away from this product. I havent donated blood but will, over here they have trucks in front of the supermarket always asking to donate.
I was expecting it was cause of the anadrol. i wasnt using any protection and I will give blood the next chance I get. thanks for the info
bro, how could you not use protection with anadrol? there's nothing else that even needs to be discussed on this... its more than obvious the problem here and this is what happens when you use things you either have no clue how to use or are not prepared for... its hard to have sympathy for you on this...
So not using any liver an organ support or anything in that nature and running Tren and Anadrol wow man. I had my ATL get to 100 and I literally felt like I was going to die and yours is way above that damn ! Get on some detox supplements ASAP and I would start a juice cleanse as well drink one of those smoothies every day if not twice a day.
you need to get something stronger that is an all in one and then you may even want to add more on top of that. n2guard is an excellent all in one and then i would highly recommend even adding more tudca on top of it...
Take like 3000 mg Choline Inositol a day for 30 days for ALT and AST issues.

Agreed. This regiment helped get my numbers back in range. 3000mg Choline & Inositol + TUDCA daily for 30 days, and don't drink. But bro 350 ALT is high .. Not trying to scare you, or shame you, I've heard of Alcoholics being the 1000(s) but my TRT doc said if my numbers ever broke 100 he wants me to get a liver biopsy. Just saying get back on track for your own health. Good luck
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