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Ok so here is the deal, I took Test Prop and Tren A for about 5 months and my body has completely shut down now. I really need help and advice in hopes I can revert the damage that has been done. I have taken 3 different blood test over a course of a year. The first one I’m going to post is my blood work from June 15,2017. Next I will post my blood work from December 2017 and last March 2018. I have spoken with the VA and they keep telling me all my levels are normal I can not get an erection to save my life and I have absolutely zero sex drive. Im desperate for help. I don’t believe you need the absolute complete work up but ill post it all. Also I been on clomid now for 4 weeks 50MG a day with no change

June 2017

Test name In range Reference Range
BUN​​​ (13)​​​ 7-25. Mg/dl
Creatinine​​ (1.20)​​​ 0.60-1.35 mg/dl
BUN/Creatinine Ration (10.8)​​​ 6.0-22.0 Calc
Protein, Total​​ (6.9)​​​ 8.6-10.3 mg/dl
Albumin​​ (4.4)​​​ 3.6-5.1 g/dl
Globulin​​ (2.5) ​ 1.9-3.7 g/dl
A/G Ratio​​ (1.8)​​​ 1.0-2.5 mg/dl
Bilirubin, Total​​ (0.5)​​​ 0.2-1.2 mg/dl
Alkaline Phosph​ (52)​​​ 40-115 IU/L
AST​​​ (21)​​​ 10-40 IU/L
ALT​​​ (16​​​) 9-46 IU/L
Sodium​​ (141)​​​ 135-146 mmol/l
Potassium​​ (4.1​​​) 3.5-5.3 mmol/l
Chloride​​ (105)​​​ 98-110 mmo/l
CO2​​​ (26​​​) 20-31 mmol/l
T3 Free​​ (3.2)​​​ 2.3-4.2 pg/ml
TSH Free T4​​ (1.79​​​) 0.40-4.50 Miu/l
Total Test​​ (1348)​​​ 250-1100
Free Test​​ (2.33.1H)​​​ 35.0-155.0
FSH​​​ (20.2 H)​​​ 1.6-8.0 miu/ml
LH​​​ (29.1 H​​​) 1.5-9.3

This is From my Second Blood test 12/28/2017

I will leave most of the test out and put what I think you guys need

Name​​​ Range​​​​ Reference Range
Total Cholesterol​ (217H​) ​​​200
HDL Cholesterol ​(50) ​​​​40
Triglycerides​​ (75​​) ​​150
LDL​​​ (149)​​​​
Non HDL Cholesterol​ (167) ​​​​130
Estradadiol​​ (24) ​​​> or=39 (pg/ml)
FSH​​​ (4.1) ​​​​1.6-8.0
LH​​​ (3.3) ​​​​1.5-9.3
PSA TOTAL​​ (0.5) ​​​​<or=4.0 (ng/ml)​
T4 Free​​ (1.2) ​​​​0.8-1.8
TSH​​​ (2.62) ​​​​0.40-4.50
T3 Free ​ ​ (3.3) ​​​​2.3-4.2
Estrogen total serum​ (113.2) ​​​​60-190
Total Test ​​ (398) ​​​​250-1100
Free Test ​​ (54.3)​ ​​​35.0-155.0

This was my 3rd and final test done by the VA on 3/15/2018. I will try and put only what I think you guys will need on this list too. Thank you again to you all

Name​​​​ Range​ ​​​Reference Range
AST​​​​ (34.0)​ ​​​15-41
ALT​​​ ​(29.0) ​​15-63
Total Bilirubin​​​ (1.0)​​​ ​0.3-102
Cholesterol ​​​ (196.0) ​​​​5-200
Triglyceride​​​ (89.0) ​​​​10-200
HDL​ ​​​ (46) ​​​​40
LDL​​​​ (132) 0-​​​​129
Estrogens total ​​ (138.1) ​​​​60-190
Estradiol​​​ (26) ​​​​40
Free Test ​​​ (46.9)​ ​​​46.0-224.0
Total Test ​​ ​(346) ​​​​241-827
FSH​​​​ (6.00) ​​​​1.6-8.0
LH ​​​​ (3.21) ​​​​1.5-9.3
TSH​​​​ (3.608) ​​​​0.55-4.78
CPK total ​ ​​(175) ​​​​44-196
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There is a lot more to erections than testosterone levels. How is your heart health? What is your body fat? Are you otherwise healthy?
According to your fsh and lh you aren't shut down, your testes are working. Maybe still on the incline. Get your prolactin checked. It might be out of whack.
You ran tren for 5 months?

What was your dose of Tren during that time and what was your dose of test? What would your on Cycle Therapy? What was your post Cycle Therapy? When did that cycle end?
I’ll double check my labs to see if I got that done for prolactin. I start test prop and tren A in October 2016 and stopped I believe March 2017. I was doing 1 cc of tren and 1cc of test prop 3 times a week. I just took clomid at first didn’t feel anything. I then switched to hcg I didn’t notice anything until 2 or 3 weeks later after taking HCG all my hair starting falling out in clumps and this isn’t the first time HCG has done this to me. Won’t touch it again. But I took clomid as my Pct for about a month I believe 50 MG. I’m worried that the clomid I did take them was possibly fake. The stuff I have now I believe is real nothing is pharmaceutical .
Yea I ran it for 5 months so stupid I listened to everyone and didn’t do my research dumb noon mistake
So the last blood work I did has my prolactin results it’s 8.0. Reference part was cut off from printer. will double check tomorrow but average is 2-18.
Nothing wrong with your prolactin but you have bigger problems. What does the rest of your bloodwork look like after you abused your organs with 5 months of tren?
Everything seems to be fine on blood work other then my test is low like 350 range now. I stopped taking test in march 2017 and got blood work done in June 2017 my test levels were almost 1400 still after 2 months of discountinued use. Now my levels have dropped drastically to a level I never had before. My old natural test before I started this cycle was 650
Testosterone aside, Theres nothing wrong at all with your bloodwork aside from cholesterol being on the higher end which is fully expected with tren abuse... everything else is in range

However free test is low and theres no shbg listed so my assumption is that its high... your test number is mot great either but its in range... still low though... get the shbg number

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I couldn’t find anything listed on my blood work with LHBG. Is their anything I can do or am I screwed?
I wasn’t able to find anything in my blood work with SHGB. I’ll look into proviron and the other stuff you left a link too. Thanks guys
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