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Female Second cycle advice


Hey everyone. I?m about to start my second cycle in a few days. I went with dylans stack advice with GW, Sten and S4.
I?m still looking to cut about 10lbs.

If I wanted to add on some muscle particularly in my legs, could I add in MK or a bulking sarm in 4 wks or so? Or should I just focus on this cycle only cutting, then after switch the stack for more muscle building on a different cycle?
Are the results better if I focus on one at a time?

Also, I know its impossible to spot reduce but does anyone have a good workout routine or point me in a direction for youtube or website for good lower body for packing muscle, and upper body for more toning? I did get some good muscle going in my arms but I tend to be bulky on top so I need to be careful. I need to tone my upper body(arms back shoulders) but still really want to build Up my calves, quads etc.
Im female dont forget :)


Got it!

For the SR dosage.. you said 5mg every 2-3 hours. That?s .25ml right?
I think it?s 20mg/ml on the bottle.

probably a stupid question but want to make sure lol
.25ml every 2-3 hours maxing at 30? So around 6 times a day?