Diet and cardarine


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About to start a 12 week rad140 ostarine and cardarine stack next week. Im 6’0 188 With an average metabolism and a maintenance of 3,000 calories a day. I was planning a 500 calorie deficit while on this stack. (300g protein/ 200g carb/ 55g fats) Does this macro plan sound like a good idea with this stack? Does this calorie deficit sound like a good idea? Or should I go maintenance mode? Diet is one thing I’m not very educated on when it comes to body building. If anyone’s got any tips let me know! Appreciate it!


A 500 calorie deficit has always worked well for me. When using cardarine and s4, I was able to get more aggressive and push the deficit to 700 calories. Rad-140 is a great compound to mitigate muscle and strength loss due to the caloric deficit.