Deca protocol questions.


So I am trying to begin planning out my next cycle(second cycle), and i wanted some suggestions from those of you that have experience with deca.
With keeping in mind deca having a half life of twice as long as test E. Does that mean you would cut deca out before the test so that your PCT is effective. Also how long do you run caber after you stop injecting deca.
Then my last question(not as a substitute for bloodwork, just a starting point for this cycle before bloodwork) would be should I run aromasin on this cycle. .5mg of aromidex ED is perfect on 400mg test for me.
In my mind I feel like this would be ideally how to effectively run a cycle with deca, so please fill me in on what's missing.

Week 1-4
Anavar(havent decided on a dose yet, but I wanna keep it on the mid to low end)
Week 1-16
500mg test E
.5mg caber every 3rd day
Week 1-12
400mg deca
Week 1-20
Aromidex. 5mg ED

Then switch to aromasin and proceed with PCT protocol for 6 weeks

Or would 300mg of deca be recommended and using b6?
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you do not need to run deca longer than test at all.. its not necessary... you can stop caber when you stop deca as well... ive recommended thousands of deca cycles and never seen any sort of an issue with pct at all starting it at the same time as test


Do you mean to say that I dont need to run test longer. than deca? If so great! I'm not super excited about the idea of doing 16 weeks on test. 12 is ideal for me. 14 max only because people tend to recomend little bit longer cycles when using long esters like deca


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14 weeks would be fine, and then stop them both together. Wait two weeks and then start PCT.