Deca/NPP for Cutting?

Scott Weiland

Hey Everyone,

I've seen a few articles out there talking about Deca for cutting. Anyone buying into this? The reason I'm asking is around this time is when I usually start ramping up for my summer cut. I use March, April, May to do the hard work, so I'm peaking June-ish and maintaining through Sept. The thing I'm struggling with right now is my joints are killing me. I mean everything hurts: shoulders, elbows, knees.. everything. I get out of bed in pain... I live in the mid-west where its still a bit colder, so there is no natural sun/heat that can help alleviate this right now.

Traditionally, I've have a hard time maintaining E2 in range. I've crashed it a few times with AI and had a rebound effect. So It seems I'm always struggling with high E2 90/100 and self-induced low - like undetectable levels (and then the rebound again). This is more than likely the root cause. While I know I need to figure this out and fix this. I've read that deca can give your joints some relief. That being said does anyone out there believe deca can be used for a cut, so I can get the joint relief and get everything off the ground and moving towards my summer cut? Like is there a proper dosage/frequency to use deca (or NPP) for a cutting effect? Bulk is certainly not what I want. Lastly, I realize deca is a wetter compound and has some aromatization properties. Last thing I want to do is to throw something in there that is going to completely exacerbate the E2 problem. So again I guess I'm going back to the question is there a specific protocol to get the benefits for a cut and the joint relief?

Thanks everyone


You can cut on any compound really just some will make you hold more water than others. You'll have to do something towards the end of your cycle to drop the water. Cutting will primarily be diet and cardio.


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ive said a million times deca is very dry and can be used to cut bro... this is not a new concept