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Just finished a great cycle that was recommended by Tazzog. Finished up PCT last week and bloodwork came back good.
It was a cut cycle and it yielded the planned results. Reduced BF and dropped a few lbs while definitely looking lean, defined and vascular, love the results.

I have some Sarms in hand that I would like to run before moving ahead into another cycle as I want to follow the time on= time off thought process when it comes to injectable.
I have 2 bottles of Rad-140, 2 bottles of Ostarine, and 1 bottle of S-23
I've done research on a potential cycle but was looking for some personal experience/input from members. Basically I have enough for an 8 week cycle if run together or longer if run end to end.

Looking for input, drop a comment. Thanks!!!
you would want to run this 12 weeks.. also, s23 is something you need to wait longer to start using after you finish a steroid cycle because it is essentially a steroid in itself and really not the best idea to use as a bridge in between cycles as it is... you would also want to run a 12 week cycle, not 8 as 8 is generally short and leaving gains on the table as well
Be careful with s23 as it has large amounts of suppression and as Dylan pointed out, it is not the best nor ideal option in a bridge circumstance
Thanks for the input.
Plan- Drop the S23
Run cycle 12 weeks at the recommended doses from Dylan's dosage recommendations pinned in this forum
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