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Dylan, ...I follow a lot of your you tube posts...I just watched your youtube on testosterone and dbol effects on sperm...Sounds like your going thru the same thing as me....To start off I am 41yrs old...My previous girlfriends ironically had there tubes tied so I didnt have any kids yet....Met the love of my life when I was 35....I had a low T since around 25 or so...Doctors prescribed the patch on scrotum, then androgel which I hated and then 200MG injected every 2-3 weeks...They tested me the day before the shot, 2 days after and then also 2 weeks after to get a baseline...I was in the high 700's after the shot...It did wonders for me! I worked out, ran and lifted weights and best shape of my life...However, The doctors I had didnt know and didnt tell me that giving me shots would tank my sperm and my own Natural T....I am the only son and my wife the only daughter of her parents. We are in Danger of not having a child we so desperately want and need to carry on our name...Heartbreaking dude! I was in really good shape about 180lbs all muscle...about 5 yrs ago I got my new girlfriend pregnant(now happily married to her) right away so sperm must have been active still even tho I was on low T shots for last 10yrs...She had a fibroid and had to do a myomectomy as the fibroid suffocated the fetus after 6 weeks...We were heartbroken..both our first child...I had 2 other girlfriends that miscarried when I was 18 and when I was 34...So technically 3 pregnancies...After we waited for her to heal we tried to get pregnant again...We went to fertility doctors and they tested EVERYTHING and she tested perfect! She was 26 when I met her and is now 32...They said plenty of eggs, all hormones are spot on and no more fibroids. So I did a sperm check...It was 0 sperm!!! They said not to worry and told me get off T therapy immediately which was 2.5yrs ago. Thye prescribed me 2500IU of HCG per injection with taking clomid .25 for 6 months....10 million sperm but none of them motile...Everything else checked out for me...I am now tho 23lbs heavier at about 203lbs, 5'9 and need to lose some wight a little in stomach...I have endured 2.5yrs without Testosterone therapy trying to get the low sperm up while I have low T...I went from being a champ in the bedroom to not having the urge to have sex with my beautiful wife unless Im really turned on...It nailed my libido...After 6 months with this doctor I went to a more famous one out here. He told me get off of everything for 6 months and test where I am at on sperm, hormones etc. Nothing changed on sperm...then he gave me a whopping 5000 IUI per shot 2-3 times a week which seemed very high to me and .25 in clomid...Under both of those my T level went from low 50's to 400....From January to June I was on that SUPER Expensive HCG at 5000IU a shot $700 a month. Then I tried a doctor at Defy medical. He suggested I take just the .25 clomid by itself to see what happens...Immediately a month later I started having a lot more sperm, motility was a little higher but below the range on morphology...I had 3 times the sperm which was still low at 27 million but not much motile but 5....I thought great its finally coming back. I told him now that Im off HCG that my libido was low...He suggested taking HCG 500 IU 3 times per week and Low T shot once a week with the clomid so I wouldnt lose the fertility. after 3 weeks of being on all that I tested sperm again and it shot back down to 0...That doctor immediately said get off the HCG and Low T shots and stick with Clomid longer...We upped the dose to 50mg a day...Helped bring my T levels up to 279 which is still low...I dont feel anything like I did when I was on a T shot....I am so frustrated I dont know what to do....SO for the last yr or so I have been on that clomid .50 and thats it....I hear the sex binding hormone builds up when your on clomid a long time which total T may be ok but it makes free T tank....I am only slightly better on libido than not having anything at all....I am at a loss as to what to try next to get my sperm up...All the doctors said I should recover due to my age etc but for 1yr and half I was on Clomid and HCG it did nothing. As soon as I backed off just to Clomid it spiked....Could it be my body was shut down for so long and all those HCG shots did actually contribute to me getting my system kickstarted again? I am afraid of losing any gains if I take HCG in conjunction with Clomid since i have been off of HCG for 1yr? Or now that my body has slowly come back producing sperm would it be wise to try HCG again? or will that knock me back down again? Lastly, the current fetility specialist is telling me he can extract it from scrotum and do invitro with the wife but if Im not producing enough now does he know by spending 20K+ if its going to get me anymore sperm from there if its not on Sperm test in cup?? I am afraid of spending that kind of money to only realize I dont have any would think he would just draw it out of my scrotum first to make sure I have better quality there before having us shell out all that money? It seems like fertility places all direct you to the most expensive thing to get themselves paid when they may have a solution that works but just dont tell you so that they can collect a paycheck? I have to make this happen now while my wife is in perfect health....What do I do here man? If I up the clomid dose I dont know how harmful it could be...MY FSH and LH are good but on HCG my LH went down...On t therapy its up but then no sperm...This really fkn sucks!! I dont drink, never smoked, no drugs and pretty healthy other than this?? Why me? What do you think bro?
Well bro, honestly I don't know what else I can say or do that will help, but really I don't see anything that we can offer that hasn't been done already. You just need to keep working with your endocrinologist and fertility doctor to see what can be done. Best of luck to you bro
Well bro, honestly I don't know what else I can say or do that will help, but really I don't see anything that we can offer that hasn't been done already. You just need to keep working with your endocrinologist and fertility doctor to see what can be done. Best of luck to you bro

I agree.. really sucks you've gone through all of this OP. Sorry to hear that things aren't happening like they should.

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Thanks alot guys... My fertility doctor thinks I should get off Clomid altogether and that I've been on it too long? I am afraid of losing any sperm progress that I've gotten and would love to take a Tshot again. If I do I risk not having any sperm again to even get my wife pregnant so that right now is out of the question. When I used HCG and Clomid together also tanked sperm it but as soon as I was off HCG it came back a little bit on clomid by itself?.... I didn't experiment last summer where I started getting T shots and then HCG with it to maintain fertility and it tanked sperm so I got off. Then sperm came back.... What I can't figure out is how did I get my wife pregnant while I was on T shots five years ago? Was it because my body was in such good shape it kept producing sperm anyway? HMG could be another alternative or any other methods I could try but I am so afraid of taking all these different drugs that all of a sudden I will have cancer. I have never felt as good as when I was on the Tshot and it wasn't excessive but just to keep me in that upper 700's .... Somehow I need to improve fertility is the biggest issue I would say because I have enough sperm but just don't know what else to do at the moment?
noone can answer why... you were just blessed, period... that happens to people without any scientific reasoning... you are just at the mercy of everything now... the best protocol is clomid, hcg and hmg but long term hcg use is NOT a good plan of attack because it further suppresses you eventually and increases estrogen... clomid alone will not do it either.. you can try but trust me, thats not the answer... i gave you the answer... watch this video...
Thanks Dylan. I just watched it and it sounded like a good idea. My question is what if you have normal counts of FSH and LH? Will taking more HMG do anything to benefit you if you are already in normal range? From the studies I saw, unless I looked up the wrong one it was dated back to 1985 by Leonard Ley which we should be much farther along in Technology? In January of this year I did a metabolic panel plus all the hormone testing.. here were my results: sperm Volume 2.0, Concentration 15.0, Total Motile 35% (where before it was only 8%)Progressive 35% where before it was 8%, Kruger Morphology 3%...Estradiol 20, LH 7.0(On HCG a yr ago my LH was only 0.8 low), Prolactin 5.2, Total Testosterone 379, free testosterone only 84.4....not sure on FSH... I also tried Arimidex for about 3 weeks and then after reading what exactly it was and side effects, I threw it away... I appreciate all of your input and everyone else on here as it's very frustrating. If some of these ideas work I will surely let you know and oh you guys for helping me too conceive with my wife... I want to try others measures before we even look at the expense of in vitro
if you have normal ranges then you have no issues... so what exactly is the point in all of this if you already have normal ranges??? your lh is NOT normal and so your fsh likely is not either... good luck bro
I have normal ranges of LH...T is lower side....not alot of sperm is the problem... You said you were going to the same thing but I'm not sure what your hormone levels are. I will definitely check my FSH though and see about getting HMG somewhere cheap hopefully... That's the biggest problem I have is I'm got pretty good levels and everything but testosterone and sperm count. Need to boost up my motility plus get my testosterone up... Maybe HMG is the answer... I appreciate your help
The normal range of LH on this chart shows 1.5 - 9.3 and I am at 7. it's just frustrating bro as I'm sure you're going through the same thing... If you have any success let me know what you try and I will let you know after talking to my doctor about HMG
hmg is definitely going to be the key here... i have mine and am going to start it soon... that protocol has been successful for many...
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