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Cycle Critique


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What’s up guys! Just wanted to get some input on a cycle I am looking to start on May 1st.

30 years old 5’9” 175lbs. This will be my 4th Cycle and I haven’t ran anything in the pst year.
I will be running a liver and heart support along with all of this.

Diet is good. I will be cutting calories in the next week or so.

1- 1c egg whites, 25g whey, 80g oats, 100g mixed berries, 1 dannon light & fit yogurt, 10g coconut oil

2- 5oz turkey, 110g rice, 5g olive oil, 65g greens

3- 5oz turkey, 110g rice, 40g avacado/guac, 65g greens

4- 1c egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 1 dannon light & fit yogurt, 65g greens

●Peri workout nutrion (on off days I have the post workout meal as meal 2, move meal 2 to meal 3 etc, and drop the pre and post shakes)

-Pre- (I eat the previous solid meal 2hrs before this and have this about 30min before training)

-20g bcaa/eaa

-Intra workout- 13g bcaa/eaa

-Post- 50g whey,

-Post meal- 6oz beef, 1 bagel or 1c rice

1-12 Test C 500mg Week
1-12 S4 50mg Day Split Am/Pm
1-12 GW510516 20mg Day Pre Workout
1-14 Aromisin 12.5mg EOD
1-4 Winstrol 25mg Day
1-4 Anadrol 25mg Day
9-14 Winstrol 50mg Day

PCT 15-18

Clomid 50/50/25/25
Nolva 40/20/20/20
Aromisin 12.5 EOD
MK-2866 25mg Day
GW-501516 20mg Day


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