Current cycle advice to PCT or not to PCT!


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So the situation is I may be going into the police academy and it’s a 6 month academy I have been on cycle now for 6 weeks of my 350-400mgs Test cycle.

Academy starts early September. Not sure if I want to deal with going through a PCT in the beginning of the academy as I feel I want to be able to perform at my best physically and mentally should I lower the dose to a 150mgs a week and start PCT towards the end of the academy or right after?? Or should I start PCT now and maybe start my cycle back up mid academy ??

I always run a proper PCT and don’t advocate staying on cycle for longer then 4 months which is my usual cycle length. But given the situation I’m contemplating staying on for a longer time frame. Any chance I could recover after such a long cycle even if I ran a Test booster entire cycle to limit shut down?
I wouldn't recommend staying on that long bud. You would seriously be compromising your recovery abilities big time. If you run a good proper pct, I don't see it mattering if you are in academy or not. Think about it. We all train like animals whether on, off, or in pct. We don't stop training hard because we are trying to recover. This is no different. It really doesnt impact much except a slight drop in strength and size, assuming you run proper post cycle. Coming off should never be a big deal at all if you do it right
Yes I will prob just go through my pct as planned mid academy I really don’t want to risk not recovering or doing any damage
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