Crystallized cypionate


Hey folks I got some questions and need some help on what to do with the gear I have. So I'm 40 years old and I found out I was low T so I'm on TRT treatment 200 mg every 2 weeks I plan on blasting in the near future. Anyways Iade my first ever gear from naps it was 2 bottles of dragon pharma cypionate 250 one of the bottles crystallized. My question is can I still use it? I want to replace my 1ml cypionate 200 that I get from the pharmacy with what I already have and save those for the future pins. Also I have 1 bottle of enanthate form dragon also. Could I cruise with all three bottles? I would like your opinion on the matter please.
So you're going to use the gear you got from Naps for your TRT? I would throw it in the trash and order from a proven source here on the forum. I've heard so many mixed reviews from Naps I wouldn't risk my health with it.
I've used dragon pharma before man and its crap compared to what I've from the two sources I've used off this forum. it's way under dosed. I literally felt nothing and ramped my doses up to 750mg. do some digging on here and find you some good stuff.
Well I didn't want it to go to waste. If it's a bad idea I'll trash it. I already lost so much money from naps
It's your call on what you do, but there's no way in hell I'd pin questionable gear into my body
I just put in an order from axio which I heard great things about. I'm waiting on that order to blast. So basically stuck with 2 bottles of dragon pharma cypionate one bottle of enanthate and tren ace. Maybe sell it?
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