Bloodwork question


So bloodwork came back today and things are looking good except one thing. My BUN/creatinine is a little out of range. Reference is 9-20 and I'm at 22. This seems to be an indicator of kidney function. Currently taking lgd4033 with mk677. Week 4.

Any one here if either of these compounds affect kidney function?

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As others mentioned, BUN levels can be elevated in individuals that work out. Mine always rides on the high side of normal. From personal experience, I wouldn't have blood drawn 12-24 hours following a heavy lifting workout. I had bloods pulled 6 hours following a heavy deadlifting session and my numbers were ALL SORTS of messed up....about 10-12 things were flagged, including WBC and other related items. After searching the internet I had come to the conclusion that I was dying, until I read at the bottom in fine print that intense workouts can throw your numbers off. I retested and everything was fine.

Your good bro.


thanks for Info guys... GF had high BUN and I know it because she work out hard all the time and did not skip a workout prior to blood draw and I understand creatine can throw off kidney values too which she takes... her doctors freaking out and so I armed her with ur advice before she goes in to see doctor and have them redraw blood and run new test ... GREAT INFO