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Are tren and test enanthate equally fast?


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My gym coach has advised me to use use the same esters with different steroids. After listening to his advice, I think I am going to run in the next cycle testosterone and trenbolone enanthates. But I am not sure if they will work equally fast. Should I start first with test first, and then add tren, or on the contrary? Any opinions on the dosages?


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Yes the esters release at the same rate no matter the steroid, however something like testosterone works right away while trenbolone takes about 2 weeks to feel the full effects even if they are the same esters your receptor affinity is different for each hormone.


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Basically you will get two steroids that work almost together. There might be some fluctuations between them, but they will be minimal and you won't even notice it. Therefore, expect the two to start working as Mexico said in about two weeks time. I would recommend using 400 mgs of test, and 250-300 mgs of trenbolone. There is no need to use more trenbolone than that, because it is extremely powerful already, and greater dosages will only increase the risk of having more side effects. Stack in there some Cardarine GW-501516, as it has a well proven ability to greatly reduce trenbolone's side effects.