Anastrozole Question


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Ok, so a bit of a hypothetical here, just best guess answer.

Let's say you blast 300mg of Test Cyp and 200mg of deca on Sunday and Wednesday (So 600mg Test and 400mg Deca a week).

For anastrozole would you take a 1 mg tablet on Monday and on Thursday (So 2mg total for the week)? (Could just be a bro-science thing I heard but it was that typically aromatization really kicks in around 24 hours after injecting and that is the reason for taking the anastrozole 24 hours after injecting)

Or how would you go about spreading out the dosage? I see some people say split it up so its every day/every other day/ every third day, ect.


I don't know about everyone else but I take mine with my shots, makes it easy for me to remember


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I usually dont worry too much about the exact timing of taking it since the half-life is on the order of two days if I recall correctly. I just take it whenever is most convenient (like the morning of an injection). How often you need to take it is something that will be different from person to person, and you may need some experimentation and mid-cycle bloodwork to figure out what is best for you. For me at about 500mg of test a week, I need roughly 0.5 mg eod.


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you take your ai every other day.. it has nothing to do with taking it on the day of your injection or not