1. G

    Anastrozole Question

    Ok, so a bit of a hypothetical here, just best guess answer. Let's say you blast 300mg of Test Cyp and 200mg of deca on Sunday and Wednesday (So 600mg Test and 400mg Deca a week). For anastrozole would you take a 1 mg tablet on Monday and on Thursday (So 2mg total for the week)? (Could just...
  2. S

    Ostarine / Arimidex dosage?

    Hello, So I started my first ever Ostarine cycle about a week and a half ago (4/5/18), and I noticed that my right nipple was getting a little puffy/sensitive and my libido was tanking after about a week. I was dosing correctly at 0.25mg ED in the morning, but the symptoms came quickly...
  3. BJORN6

    New Member - 40yr old in need of "newbie" advice.

    So this is my first forum of any kind but it's clear that there's some real good info on these threads. There's enough real info here that I felt like I should just put my situation out there to see if I can get some perspective other than what I've been getting from my doctor. A little back...
  4. M

    Aromatase Inhibitors

    Hey guys just wanted to refresh/open up the discussion about the process of going about using AIs and their consequent integration into any Cycle.. For example Letro vs Arimidex and WHY one is more advantageous in certain regards vs others from experience, I have used Letrozole and have had...
  5. R


    Alright heres my cycle and stats. I have a little gyro in my left nipple. Sust 150 EOD Masteron 100 megs EOD Anavar 50 ED Clen 40 mcg 2 days on 1 day off Keto 1 mg on clean days Arimidex .5 EOD Nolva .5 ED I'm 175 pounds 5% BF 4 weeks out. Is the bubble underneath my nipple permanent...
  6. O

    Anybody need Arimidex?

    I mistakenly ordered three 30ML bottles of Arimidex that I don't need at all. Pretty sure we've all got extra stuff so, anybody want to trade for something extra that you've got lying around? (The Adex is from Maxim Peptides - good stuff in terms of potency, etc - and is still sealed). PM me...