Age for diminishing returns


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Curious….as we age our bodies change, we can still eat well and train hard but based on the expertise on this site what if any age do you believe the return on using anabolics begins to diminish and just won’t provide any further benefits?
I know HRT exists and many over the age of 55 still utilize it but wondered if other additional anabolics still are valued.
very good question.

i think it is very individual.

there are some 60 year olds who are on the verge of death and there are some 80 year olds who are in perfect shape

look at Arnold for example. then look at current bodybuilders dropping dead in their 40's, 30's and even 20's
bros Don't use harsh or steroids as you get older not worth it
well I'm older and I still use steroids no problem. as long as you cycle them properly I don't see the problem
i'm getting up there in age, won't mention the # lol. but steroids can absolutely still be used you might want to look into using growth hormone as well
Great responses.

My experiences:
After breaking over the 55yoa mark I have looked back and review current supplementation as well.
Tren I just can’t deal with the sides any more, even at low doses of 150 a week so it’s out. Test is still good at 300 a week via HRT.

As I have aged it would seem for me at least many of the orals just have not delivered to make it worth the effort.

I do blood tests every 6mths through my HRT and all has been well. PSA low which is good but prostrate doc check confirms all well.

At 6ft 1 and around 250-255lbs I feel good, sleep good and feel like recovery from training still good as well.
I check BP often and 125/76 seems about normal range. Resting BP around 73-74.

I have worked to increase cardio (walking HIT style) so hoping that postures for good results as well.

I read a lot and ask a lot but I believe a lot is
Based on the individuals family health history and how that person has treated their bodies over the years, all are unique, no doubt.

The saying where once we may have lived to train slowly transitions into a train to live aspect perhaps with age.

Thank all for the interesting perspectives/feedback!
its just very person to person specific... i can tell you with 100% certainty that its not worth it in any way shape or form as you get older.. the stress and strain internally will never equate to the reward... at least not to me.. .some people truly do not care about health and longevity and only think about tomorrow but i dont operate that way... Generally, what i do observe, is that of course the rate of growth and results will diminish as you age as your body just cannot build the same types of size and muscle, which is not to say you cannot make excellent results, because you can, but not nearly to the same extent as you continue to age... sarms and peptides are such better options as you age because of the far less strain and other potential healing and health benefits that certain ones can provide...
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