1st test injection


Finally got my gear and took my first 250mg shot of Test E yesterday. Felt like a beast in the gym today. Is it possible I'm actually feeling the effects already? OR probably just a mental push? I thought it took at least a week to start feeling anything from it.
Same thing happened to me on my first Test cycle after my first injection. I went to the gym twice that day.
The mental aspect is huge. My first time running test I was lifting more, going longer etc. It's truly a mindset and makes you realize how strong placebo effects can be. If only we could trick our bodies into thinking we are on some kind of monster dream cycle all the time. Probably hit PR's every workout!
Ha ya all mental man but I usually notice a slight change in a week and then every week from there im fast responder tho not everyone is like that
It takes 4 weeks to reach peak blood levels on a long ester but as soon as you inject it the drug is in your body and can have an effect.
I can relate to the OP. First time I injected for my TRT, I was rocking and rolling that day. I guess I was so depleted of test that it was a shock to my system. It absolutely wasn't mental! I felt like I could've gnawed through an oak tree that day! Co workers were asking WTF I was on!! LOL Wish it did that every time!!
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