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Hello I am new to steroids and gear usage. I am currently on my 2nd cycle. I just received a bottle of tren E from biomex labs and am unsure if this is something normal? I had a bottle of tren e from a different lab that I noticed a very similar thing with when I went to pin the last shot from it. I probably had 2 more injections worth in it but I tossed it out of concern but now that I have another bottle that is unopened I am curious if it's normal? The other one I thought maybe contamination got inside or something? It was more gelatin like and stuck to the side of the vial. I put the vial in my pocket thinking warming it up woukd effect it and now it looks like this.


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i would contact them directly about it and see what they offer as a solution to you... just see how they react/respond
Its definitely crashed gear. You can probably resuspend it in hot water but it could crash again
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