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  1. J

    Experience with Ironclad Chems ?

    I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with iron clad chems I have seen no reviews and only one thread on here which well no one responded to because it was in the wrong section
  2. G

    Combating Obesity

    I’m 25 years old, male, and have 30% body fat at 147lbs. I cut out all carbs and sugars for a whole year and went from 33% body fat to 30 over the course of that year. Thats along with 4 hours of HIIT training a week. Everyone seems to be talking about how Sarms can help combat obesity so I'm...
  3. M

    Question about Carbs and Protein

    Yo, Yo got some questions about diet. My training is quality, but I'm always a bit confused about the following questions. 24 years old, 6Ft, 182lb, training 2 years. Been running Osta, S4, GW for the last 4 weeks of my cut, good results so far, lost 2.5kg already and put on some muscle at...
  4. J

    Would it affective the SARMS in anyway ?

    So I usually workout around 3am due to my schooling sittuiation, I was wondering would you guys suggest I take my am doses before I workout that early in the day or wait until like 7ish so the life span of which ever sarms last through the day? I'm taking LDG4033, TRAN-140, and S4 thanks guys
  5. Romes20

    A few Deca questions - Nandrolones and Breathing/ Extending Caber past last pin?

    Hey guys- On my first low-dose Deca run at the moment. Running about 250mg Test Cypionate/wk and 200-225mg Deca/wk about two weeks in. Had a few questions for those who might have similar experiences. I do have seasonal asthma that typically is exacerbated by rapid changes in weather or during...
  6. V

    New User first SARMs cycle and questions

    Hello my name is James I'm 25, 5' 9", 200lbs, and eat a very strict diet to lose weight (Mostly veggies and chicken. 1500 calorie diet). I was 235 lbs a few months ago. I workout 4 days a week and do cardio 2 days of the week. I'm looking to get cut/lose body fat, im about 25%bf according to...
  7. F

    First SARMS cycle! noob questions! :)

    Hello! i've ordered my Sarms from Xsarms, and im about to start my first sarms cycle. (they will arrive in mail shortly) I've done plenty of reserach and talked with alot of u guys, but i have a couple of noob questions i need answered! :) The cycle i will be running is : LGD-MK-GW And...