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I’m 25 years old, male, and have 30% body fat at 147lbs. I cut out all carbs and sugars for a whole year and went from 33% body fat to 30 over the course of that year. Thats along with 4 hours of HIIT training a week. Everyone seems to be talking about how Sarms can help combat obesity so I'm looking for some suggestions, I emailed Dylan too looking for help and haven't gotten a response yet (understandably, he's probably super busy with questions all the time lol).

I was thinking of doing a Cardarine, MK 677, and S4 stack. Wondering how much to dose each, how long to run them, spliting doeses, and any other info like whether I should take HCGenerate during it or after the cycle since S4 suppresses a bit.

Also what type of diet would you guys suggest? Low carb with high protein?

Thanks so much guys!
30% body fat at 147lbs seems very high to me, how tall are you?

How are you measuring your body fat?

You could always upload pics to get an honest opinion on your body fat levels.

In respect of diet I would only consume carbs around your training sessions (pre and post) and remainder of day eat protein and veggies with healthy fats.

I will leave the SARMS question for others to comment on.
I would suggest fasted cardio. At least thirty minutes, continuously for at least six days a week. I too was a fat fuck at one time. Once you get dialed in, you will see the fat melt away. You need to also be in a caloric deficit. 1,800 a day.

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