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1st lab results on TRT concern


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I have been on TRT now for about 13 weeks and was able to get my first lab work. I have some questions about the results. I feel 100 times better on TRT and have had zero negative sides. I am running 160mg a week.

My results are
Hemocrit 49 Range 37-51
Hemogoblin 16
Total T morning of my next injection 1145
Free T 32 range 8.7-25
Estradiol Sensitive 31 range 8-35

Some things that concern me

TSH 4.2 up from 2.2
HDL 60
LDL 127 range 0-99 up from 70
Total Cholesterol 207 range 100-199 up from 172
ALT 50 range 0-44 up from 42
AST 43 Range 0-40 up from 35

The week prior I was at my best friends all inclusive wedding and pretty much had way to much of a good time. We drank most of the day and ate like hogs. I am normally strict with my diet. Could this have altered the cholesterol and liver enzymes ? It was 6 days after my return.

Also what is going on with my TSH ? Is this common on TRT ? I have no symptoms of hypothyroidism ? I am actually usually running hot.

and one more thing. My estradiol prior to starting was 32. How could it actually drop on TRT ? I have never taken an AI ?

I do have a follow up with my doctor in a week but am somewhat stressed and curious over these results ? Should I be concerned ?


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of course this effected your liver here man, come on, thats clearly common sense there...

you need to talk to your doctor about these other areas.. thats why they monitor you... there's nothing you need to be freaking out about whatsoever... that is about dialing in the right dosage.. you dont need to have a test level that high and they will correct that... thats their job