1cc of test week, still have high estrogen levels. Help, arimadex mental side effect


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Hi Dylan , great work on YouTube man! Just turned 30, my whole life I Ben naturally supercharged , but the last 2 years have Been rough chronic fatigue symptoms bad. Can’t even train anymore 🤦*♂️( never touched any drug ) I made the decision to start low dosing test to see if it helps for 3 weeks I did .5 I notice my pump started to come back a little. Week 4 I did .8 only problem was my nipples started getting sensitive and hard , I picked up some arimadex Took a half a pill that put me into a depression pretty quick. Seems like I’m estrogen prone. if I want to stay on test then I will have to do an AI to prevent gyno but the side effects are to strong from Arimidex. Question 1) if I want to low dose test at 1cc a week or .8 long term maybe life, I’m guessing I would need an AI the whole time I’m on ? Dam 2) if the side effects from Arimidex are to strong mentally are there any other option for someone like me