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  1. AsapSlim

    sarms stack (gaining lean mass) question

    Can i put on 15 pds of lean mass by combining S4, LGD and RAD with a clean bulk and training regimen? Sarms (andarine and cardarine) helped me cut in a major way, just wondering if a bulk can/will be as rewarding? Anybody with experiences
  2. A

    Help on a HGH Cycle

    Dear All, I have been running MK-677 for 5 months now and considering moving on to HGH. I am an absolute beginner to HGH. I would like some assistance on what is the best protocol for HGH. Queries I have: What is the dose required - for mucsle building and fat loss? How and when to...
  3. M

    SUggestions for first EQ cycle

    So i am planning to do my first EQ cycle to gain some muscle but still to stay under 10% bf. i have only do 2 cycles before it was test only for 10weeks and test with some oral winstrol for 13weeks,both were 500mg per week. I am 25 years old,about 7-8% bf year round
  4. M

    Pct help vision problem and restlessness at night

    i just started taking clomid and nolva after my 13 weeks testc cycle that was 500mg per week and last 4 weeks i used winstrol 30mg pct dosage of clomid is 100mg now for 4 days and nolva 20mg....should I lower the dosage or?
  5. M

    PCT problem

    Hello everyone,I was wondering when is the best time to take clomid and nolvadex? I take them before sleep and last few days my sleep is really bad,i wake up every 2 hours
  6. M

    Short vs long cycles

    Many like short cycles more and said that they are able to keep more gains that way,recover much faster and that is much healthier...I would like to see some of your opinions cause i was planning to go EQ for 16weeks but now I am thinking maybe it is not worth it if it would be so hard to recover
  7. M

    Pharmacom mix 1

    Hello everyone i am interested in using pharmacom mix 1 that has 250mg of test and 200mg of EQ so then it would be 500mg of test 400mg EQ per week for 15 weeks...would it be good cycle or would be better if I buy something else and go like 600mg EQ and 250mg test?
  8. M

    PCT after test c cycle

    Hello there guys i am just finishing my test cyp cycle that was 500mg per week for 13 weeks,so should I start my pct 2 weeks after last pin or 3?
  9. AsapSlim

    S4 from sarmsx?

    I've read a lot of threads from guys who recently started s4 and they all seem to have something in common, no eye sides! I received a bottle from them in June and it had me blind as hell (50 mg) but I finished it. I then ordered another bottle to complete my 8 week cycle and this time it looked...
  10. M

    how much fat when on cycle

    hey everyone...I was just curious how much fat do u guys think is enough when on cylce? cause almost everyone prefer low fat and very high carb when on cycle
  11. M


    only 9 days in my cycle doing 30mg each day split in two doses,20mg pre workout and 10mg 10 hours pumps are amazing and i look more lean and vascular then ever!!! this quality is the best
  12. M

    intermittent fasting while on cycle

    so does anyone like to do IF while on cycle? or u think it just better to use something like carb backloading to stay lean and gain some muscle?
  13. M

    Arimidex and pct

    Hello guys i have just few more weeks of my cycle left and then 2 weeks after I will start my PCT...i am using arimidex as an AI and love it works great,so my question is how long before pct should i stop using AI?
  14. M

    pharmacom TEST CYP 500MG WEEKLY

    Right now i am at mid of week 7,really lean and vascular,around 6-7%bf..only thing is that my libido is nothing special,i am never horny like always haha am i the only one or there is some other guys who dont get crazy libido when on test?
  15. M

    Oral winstrol dosing and timing

    hello guys I need advice about oral winny 10mg tabs...i will run it at the end of my test cycle for 4weeks,30mg each day and each tab is what is the best timing to take it and does it matter if I split the doses or take 3 tabs at a same time?
  16. M

    Pharmacom test Cyp Cyle 500mg per week

    hello guys i am in my 3 week of pharmacom test cyp cycle and I have it for 10 weeks cycle but now i would like to go 12 weeks cycle and my supplier can get me individual vials so 4 vials of 1ml but it will be test enanthate...would it be bad or harmful for last to weeks to switch to test e or it...
  17. R

    New to the forum!

    New here, just wanna see what you all think of a cycle I'm thinking about. Stats: 32y/o,6'2", 205, lifting for 15 years Potential cycle: Test cyp, EQ, Aro. Pct: clo,nolva. This is my second cycle, first was Test tri-blend 500my and Deca 250 I believe, when I was 27. I didn't use a pct! Asked my...
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