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    Sustenon 250 dosage and long-term usage

    I live in Honduras and don't have access to typical pharmacies or doctors, like in North America. I appreciate and serious responses. I am 51, was diagnosed with low testosterone and have been self-medicating ( no doctor supervision ) with one shot of Sustenon 250 every 3-4 weeks. I have been...
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    Cycle complication Flu shot / gyno?

    Sudden Gyno Help! Follow up post Hi Guys. Appreciate the help and appologize for long entry and if it's paranoia. I posted a day or two ago about my right armpit and pec suddenly getting swollen with armpit pain the night of getting a Flu shot. However it started to appear to be a gyno flare up...
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    Adding to trt

    hello guys...I will need some advice so everyone give me your honest opinion...i was thinking to add maybe 300mg EQ to my trt dose of test and go for 20weeks or maybe something like anavar 30mg for 8 weeks or 30mg Turinabol?
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    Best Sarms Cycle for Bulk + PCT

    Hey guys. Need advice on the best sarms cycle for a bulk. Im looking to stack as much as I can with LGD for the best results. I don't mind wet gains as I'm not looking to recomp. Also I'm training very heavy and have my macros on point. Please advice. Looking to buy and start asap.
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    Bulking Cycle

    What do you guys think of this bulking cycle I'm thinking of running. It will be my 3rd cycle. I'm 175 pounds right now 4 weeks out from a mens physique show and 5% BF. That will go up after the contest obviously, but the goal is to put on quality size for a national show. Okay here it is...
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    Dylan gemelli and other Some advice on next blast if possible

    35 yo 186lbs 5'10 12% bf. Thanks to Dylan's advice on my last blast. Last blast was, Cyp 200/ml 400mg a week Primo 100/ml 1.5 cc 3x week Win 1cc eod for last 6 weeks 14 week cycle total Had good gains but not what I expected. I think the Primo was bad quality but I have resolved that going...
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    First Cycle/Before my first pin..

    I have made an adult decision to do my first cycle and would like feedback before my first pin. I already have everything for my cycle, however, I would like to make sure my ducks are in order before I proceed. Positive and negative feedback is welcomed. 5'11/195/24yo/12%bf - looking to add...
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    Need help Guys

    What do u guys think about swarms etc etc ?
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    New here, and to steroids.

    Hello everyone i am 30 years old and been bustin my ass in the gym for the past year and just recently became interested in steroids. i ordered some Nandrolone Decanoate and clomid and im not sure if this is the right choice cuz ive been reading to take test with deca for first cycle. Seeing as...
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    First Cycle and SARM consideraton

    Good morning all, first off I thank anyone in advance who views and answers this post. I have a few questions. I was considering hopping on gear for the first time. I have an appointment to get blood work done soon. And although I'd be running JUST TEST for a first cycle. I recently did research...
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    Sarms bridge cycle compounds/dosage advice

    Hey guys. Intermediate to advanced AAS/SARMS user. 6'1, 36 years old, and now down to 195lbs/6% BF from 220lbs thanks to the fantastic cycle guidance Dylan and Rick gave me (see below, as well strictly following the Renaissance Periodization 12 week 'Cutting Phase' as well as fantastic gear from...
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    Any suggestions?

    So I just ordered LGD 4033 and S4 this will be my first cycl ever but I've been working out consistently through my life. I got to thinking if there was potentially 1 more that I could stack with those 2 sarms to amplify the gains just that much more? I want to quality of the gains to be high...
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    Adding S4 to my LGD cycle.

    Hi all! I have been running LGD for about 2 and a hlaf weeks now and was considering adding S4 into the mix as well as GW. I read on a post somewhere on here that even if adding s4 a little later in the cycle like I am I can still run it the full 12 weeks even once stopping the lgd. My question...
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    Test + EQ Cycle

    Hello All, Id like to start by saying that yes, this is my first time cycle. I know that it is not recommended to have a first cycle like this but I have already made up my mind and know I have the discipline to complete this cycle well with a little help from you guys. My diet and training...
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    How to help Joint Discomfort on Winstrol

    So i am doing 30mg var with 40 mg win for the next 10 days just to finish off this var, and then another 5 weeks at 50mg on win, so 6 weeks total on win, I started taking the win 3 days ago and i have noticed a bit of knee discomfort, i went out and got animal flex for joint support, it has all...
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    Short higher dosage cycles vs lower dose long cycles

    What you guys think is more easy to recover faster and keep most of your gains?
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    Long cycle advice

    Hi all, Few questions about planning my next cycle Dylan mentioned in his 'my favourite steroid combinations' youtube video a cycle involving: -Test -Equipoise -Primobolan And I am looking at a long cycle for my 4th cycle and from all the great things Dylan has said about these compounds I...
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    First Cycle... Last minute advice please.

    Weeks: SARM/Supp: Dose: 1-8 LGD-4033 10mg ED(AM) 1-8 GW 501516 20mg ED(AM) 1-8 Exemestane (Aromasin) 12.5mg EOD(AM) 1-8 Blue OX 3 Capsules (PM) PCT: 9-12 Clomid Week 9=50mg(AM) Weeks 10-12=25mg(AM) 9-12 Blue OX 4 Capsules (PM) 1. Are there any glaring mistakes in my cycle that you would...
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    Recomp/SARMS advice, opinions?

    So yesterday I posted a question about a "supplement" I purchased that was I'm ready to ask the experts for advice so I can find what truly fits my needs. That said, the product was sold to me as ostarine - after doing some research I "think" that's all I'm after right now (well the...
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    My question is how long after pct should i do blood work?
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