Cycle complication Flu shot / gyno?


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Sudden Gyno Help! Follow up post Hi Guys. Appreciate the help and appologize for long entry and if it's paranoia.

I posted a day or two ago about my right armpit and pec suddenly getting swollen with armpit pain the night of getting a Flu shot. However it started to appear to be a gyno flare up after the Dr was adamant that this wasn't flu shot related (a medical centre DR) and sent me for a ultra sound.

Ultra sound results today have told me that there is definate swelling (armpit/pec) but the right breast tissue is "more prominent" the left is apparently 100% normal. The Dr says wait two weeks for a another Ultra sound to determine if the swelling is responsible or if it's gyno for the tissue. I've used nuerofen as suggested to combat swelling which has diminished it alot

I'm in Week 5 of 300mg Test E 300mg Tren A 0.25 adex E3D with test pins.

after the ultra sound and bloods were taken I've increased to 0.25 adex ED for about a week and added 20mg novla incase it was gyno but i've felt a bit tired and joints got a bit more sore but nothing terrible.

I have adex, aromasin, novla and clomid, and I'm looking into geting some letro if needed. Where I am (AU) I can't get anti prolactin like caber or prami (I tried) but I have P5P coming in a few days and have vitex for what it's worth.

TLDR I don't know if I should ACT on this Maybe gyno, is it gyno or swelling: Dr doesn't know if it's gyno/swelling or what so i'm to go back in 2 weeks to re do the ultra sound. I can feel a slight lump under the nipple and nipple pain sensitivity ios low doesnt hurt to touchs a 3/10. Feels the same as the left but swollen the lump isnt directly under nipple it's to the right side by a few mm and deep feels like something is inflammed. I'll post my Bloods and maybe from that we can determine the likelyhood of what it is.

Pre cycle Bloods taken during heavy cut phase,

Total test: 13 nmol/L (8.3 - 29)
Sex hormone Binding golbulin: 37nmol/L (11-71) Calculated Free test: 238 Pmol/L (255-725)

FSH: IU/L 14 Ref Range < 7
LH: IU/L 3.0 Ref Range < 7
Oest2: Pmol/L 71 Ref Range (150)

Thyroid TSH: 4.5 mIU/L (0.5 -4.0) FT4: 15 Pmol/L (10-20)

This is noted as slightly low TSH and thyroid function in text below results.

Liver - mmol/L
AST: 34 mmol/L
ALT: 46 mmol/L
HDL: 1.1 mmol/L
LDL: 3.5 mmol/L
Non HDL Chol: 3.9 mmol/L
Cholesterol / HDL-C Ratio: 4.5 mmol/L

On Cycle Bloods Morning After Pin.

Total Testosterone (Centaur) 39 nmol/L (8.3-29) Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 8 nmol/L (11-71) Calculated Free Testosterone 1382 pmol/L (225-725)

FSH: IU/L <1 Ref Range <7
LH: IU/L <0.1 Ref Range <7
OEST2: Pmol/L 289 Ref Range (150)
Prolactin: mIU/L 122 Ref Range (40-450)

Thyroid Didn’t get it re- checked giving a month then redoing.

Liver AST: 59 mmol/L ALT: 72 mmol/L HDL: 0.6 mmol/L LDL: 4.0 mmol/L Non HDL Chol: 4.4 mmol/L Cholesterol / HDL-C Ratio: 8.3 mmol/L

Thanks Guys can answer anything I left out, if bits dont make sense i apologize been a bit panicked and have had poor sleep for 5 days.
why are you making the same post twice?

do you have pre cycle estradiol levels and are you getting it checked now? that's the only way to accurately tell what exactly is going on and its necessary to have a baseline to compare it to....
I couldnt see it the day after I posted and thought it had failed, if you could advise im happy to delete and reply in other thread.
I couldnt see it the day after I posted and thought it had failed, if you could advise im happy to delete and reply in other thread.

I was on a cycle of sarms. 3 weeks into it and took a flu shot. It messed me up pretty good.... still recovering from the damage 5 months later... so don't rule out that flu shot.... I'll never take one again.... Doctors always going to say its never the flu shot Bro
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