Sustenon 250 dosage and long-term usage


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I live in Honduras and don't have access to typical pharmacies or doctors, like in North America. I appreciate and serious responses. I am 51, was diagnosed with low testosterone and have been self-medicating ( no doctor supervision ) with one shot of Sustenon 250 every 3-4 weeks. I have been doing this for almost a year. I have not had any adverse effects other than shrinkage of my testicles. That has me a bit worried. Do I need to be taking and estrogen blocker in conjunction with Sustenon? If so, which one and what dosage? Do I need to have a period of time without any Sustenon? Can I take Sustenon once every 3-4 weeks for the rest of my life without any worries? Please help. Thanks.
If you had a brain tumor...what would you do?

You need to be monitored by a Dr the first year you are on TRT....there is more involved than just injecting test
You need to have regular blood work done to monitor your hormone balance

Sustenon every 3-4 weeks is a horrible protocol
You seem to have done zero research on TRT
Buen, thanks for such a positive and informative response to my question. It was a lot of help.
I would strongly advise seeking out an endocrinologist to treat your TRT instead of doing this in your own. A shot every three to four weeks isn't ideal for stable blood values and your doctor needs to adjust your dose accordingly for you.this really needs done under professional medical care instead of you playing the guessing game. You need to know what you're doing
Thanks Rick. I will try to find an endocrinologist that may be able to treat me online. Any suggestions?
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