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Dear All,

I have been running MK-677 for 5 months now and considering moving on to HGH. I am an absolute beginner to HGH. I would like some assistance on what is the best protocol for HGH.

Queries I have:

  1. What is the dose required - for mucsle building and fat loss?
  2. How and when to administer it?
  3. What else must one be aware of when using HGH - cortisol, prolactin???
  4. Duration of cycle?
  5. Do I take several days on and then some off?

I am 28 years old - 6 foot 2 - 10% bf - 190lbs.

Would really appreciate some help in order to run a cycle correctly/safely without any side effects. Again I am a complete beginner to this.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.
I would highly recommend that you not use exogenous HGH just yet. Why? Well... you are 28 and possibly may still have some growing to do. If you are dead set on doing it then you need to start low and work your way up. Starting low at around 2iu's a day or every other day. Then work your way up to 4iu's and personally I would never go beyond 10iu's that's just unnecessary. HGH takes time to work and it's something that varies from person to person too. I am very sensitive to it so I don't need to take beyond 4iu's a day to see results. Remember HGH is going to help you recover faster, sleep better, improve skin rejuvenation and yes it can assist in building muscle but not like you would with a simple Testosterone cycle. I would highly recommend you continue to use MK-677 or try some peptide combo's that help tap in and release your bodies own GH stores like CJC-1295 with DAC and Ipamorlin. This combo will help use your own GH and not suppress your pituitary like exogenous HGH will do. This is why I reccomend not using HGH at your age since you do not want to suppress your pituitary since you still may be secreting a fair amount of GH at your age. I hope this helps you understand - Cheers!
Thanks stretch512,

Do you have any advice on the protocol for CJC-1295 with DAC? Also how does this compare with MK-677?

Thanks again.
I agree with Stretch on a lot of what he said, however I personally think peptides are a joke unless you can for 100% certain get the real deal. Even the administration is a phenomenal pain in the ass considering diet restrictions and dosing protocols/frequency. I run HGH at 10iu a day and my only issues is my hand falling asleep on me occasionally. No carpal tunnel, some joint aches in problem joints, but overall I feel a lot better than before and the recovery alone is worth it IMO. Understand it's a slow process, but it is effective. This game is a big money table bro, no reward without risk when it comes to PEDs, but HGH is pretty much one of the safest options available. I have no plans to ever stop using HGH and AAS.
Well first off I would say MK-677 is a safer bet when trying to tap into GH stores in your body. As I stated many times in other threads the Peptides market is shaky and it's hard to find quality peptides. The CJC 1295 with Dac wqill only need to be injected about 2-3 times a week since it will circulate the body for some time. A good dose is around 100mcg-200mcg 2-3 times a week. Ipamorlin can be dosed daily 200mcg a day.
Thanks guy.

Would that combination produce better results that MK-677? Is the reward worth it ? Or is it better to just stick to MK-677?

Thanks guy.

Would that combination produce better results that MK-677? Is the reward worth it ? Or is it better to just stick to MK-677?


You can use both together. Depending on cash flows I'd maybe suggest sticking to mk677, you really want to be running this a longer time rather than shorter so the cost of both mk677 and legit hgh will get costly quick.
I honestly see no reason to run peptides and MK-677 or the combo of MK-677 and HGH. Just use one and stick with it. Peptides come with storage restrictions, mixing the products, hassle of a lot of pinning where as MK-677 doesn't. If you plan on using HGH just do that by itself you don't need to use Mk-677 or peptides that's just money wasted at that point. My point being here is the safest and best route is to continue with the 677. Once your about 33-35 and You want to use HGH go for it.

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Thanks guys for the advice. From what I can gather it is probably best to stick to MK-677 and see how that goes. Maybe in the future I will dwell into HGH.

Thanks again for the swift help.

Best regards.
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