1. C

    Aromasin Dosage

    Hey guys, I'm seeking advice regarding aromasin dosage. I had blood work prior to starting my cycle, it came back as low testosterone and high estrogen(see below). I'm wondering whether it would be wise to increase my aromasin dosage. I'm having trouble finding info on how to properly adjust. I...
  2. m555zma

    Test to 200mg..

    Ive was crusing on 150mg of test cyp for 6 months. Last week I bumped it up to 200mg/week... DUDE.. I feel fuking AMPED.. Those of you blasting outrageous amounts of gear, try using a very small amount for a few months, then up the dose just 50mg. You'll feel it.
  3. S

    Organ ST question

    Dylan, how close does Organ ST come to matching the clinical effective dosages for the varies ingredients? I'm trying to decide if I should also take some Tudca + NAC on top of the Organ ST becuase of the high recommended dosages. It has the overall mg, but not individual ingredient doses listed.
  4. Romes20

    Spring Blast

    This Spring will be my first experience with Tren. Curious about any input. I am a low-moderate dosage guy. Again stats are 33 years old, 5'11", 201lbs, 12%bf, 6+ years training, looking to recomp. Currently on Doctor Prescribed TRT. (75mg e5d) Weeks 1-12: Test Cyp 75mg e5d (leave as is) Weeks...
  5. J

    No Esther Products

    I'll be running TNE 50 for the first time and just using preworkout. My only question is how do I count it in addition with the test I'm already on? Example: I'm running 750mg EW, if I add in 100mg three times a week preowrkout am I really getting 1050 EW? Or do I not count it toward total...
  6. A

    Help on a HGH Cycle

    Dear All, I have been running MK-677 for 5 months now and considering moving on to HGH. I am an absolute beginner to HGH. I would like some assistance on what is the best protocol for HGH. Queries I have: What is the dose required - for mucsle building and fat loss? How and when to...
  7. imimukhi

    Sarm stack

    Hi Guys, A noob brother here needing some advice please. I'm going to run the following stack Ostarine Cardarine S4 LGD at Ostarine - 25mg/day Cardarine - 20mg/day S4 -50mg/day LGD - 10mg/day Just want to know if i take them all in one go or do i stagger taking them, like Ostarine at 7am...
  8. S

    Just purchased Ostabolic MK-2866, new to sarms

    Hey all, I am new to sarms and am about to start my first cycle of Ostabolic. I originally purchased a pill version of MK-2866 from "Diesel Labs" but after reading these threads i tossed the bottle and purchased Ostabolic from sarmsx, as it is my understanding that pill versions of sarms are...
  9. AsapSlim

    First aas cycle advise

    My goal is to put on some serious lean mass like 20 pds or so 33 5'9 185pds 14%bf (will be lower by the time I use) 5 years training (roughly) October I plan to do my first aas cycle, I originally planned on 300mg of test e or c a week for 12 weeks but I hear you can add some dbol from weeks...
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