1. Cocopiny

    Recomp/muscle gain cycle advice

    Recently finished 16wk cut cycle- slowly increased dosages to a final of- Tren a- (wk4-12 @200mg/wk) 12-16 350mg/wk Test- 500mg/wk (0 for last 2 peak weeks) Winstrol- 20mg-40mg gradual raise, 50mg last 2 wks Masteron p- 300mg wk4-12, 600mg12-16 See before and afters below. I’d say 18% bodyfat...
  2. B

    Army Ranger School

    Hi, I am going to Ranger School in a couple of months and I want to bulk up as much as possible. Most guys burn like 10,000 calories a day at RS and loose 20-30 pounds by the end of it. It lasts two months long if you don't recycle. I train 2-3 hours a day, doing heavy ass gym lifting, running...
  3. D

    12 Week Bulking Cycle

    Hey Dylan and guys what do you think of this cycle for bulking. It is 12 weeks, I'm not sure if a longer cycle is necessary or not my last cycle have been 12 weeks so I just do 12 weeks Deca: 500 - 600mg/wk (1-12) Test-E: 500mg/wk (1-12) D-Bol: 50mg/ed (1-4) Tren E: 300mg/wk (3-12) Winstrol...
  4. F

    Second cycle

    My weight is 88kg, my high is 1.82 cm, my first cycle was a testosterone prop 200mg/week, i gained 8kg in my first cycle, i have been training for 2 years, my goal is to get much muscle as i can but safely, i run pct correctly, now im going to run a test pro + TBal (40mg per week), is it a...
  5. B

    Histamine intolerance? Rash? Need advice. Diet and bulking

    Hello fellow iron beasts. A couple of years ago I tried a few cycles and was enthusiastic about it and thought that I have done it correctly BUT then I noticed several issues which made me concerned, I got rash on my whole body, plus the other usual side effects that were toleratebale(which...
  6. Y

    Help Mr.Gemelli!

    Hey Mr.Gemelli, Big fan. I have a few questions. I am new to SARMs and would like to do a cycle for some real bulking results. (never taken anything before, ever. I am 24) What stack should I do? What are the protocols for during stack PCT, and after stack PCT? (Dosages, times, etc.) Can I...
  7. JonnyKowalczyk

    Bulking on LGD - Calories.

    Hi guys, iv'e had a look and cant find this answered to my satisfaction anywhere so i thought i would just ask, hope that's OK haha - Just wanting to know if i consume around 3,030 calories on a bulk without the SARMS, would it be of any advantage to increase that number whilst on them or would...
  8. J

    Need help with cycle - LGD & Ostarine

    Hey all, I just bought SARMS off the internet, not much of a choice since im in England, but I picked up LGD and Ostarine and PCT from Alphaform Labs. Ill be running the LGD for 8 weeks and the Ostarine alongside for 12 weeks. Then I'll be doing PCT. LGD: 4mg/day Osta: 10mg/day What should I...
  9. J

    Bulking SARM Stack (LGD4033 + RAD140) - 12 weeks

    Hey guys, I'm 20, been lifting for 2 years and I really want to pack on some good quality mass and so I turned to this stack. I'm 5ft6, 148lbs, at around 13% bodyfat. I'm currently on 3150 cals, 158p, 105f, 393c. I follow a flexible dieting lifestyle but I keep to the 70/30 clean/dirty foods...
  10. K

    do you prefer using SARMS for cutting or bulking?

    Hey guys, I am at that point where I do not know whether to lose some fat, or build more muscle. I could make do either way. I have a triple stack, and have been given different recommendations. Some say burn off all your fat before doing anything else. Others say build muscle until you reach...
  11. N

    Took off LGD-4033 from the LGD/Osta/GW cycle, would I waste Muscle?

    I was for 40 Days on a Osta/LGD/GW (10mg/20mg/20mg) cycle, but for me the mass is clearly enough, and my friends are recognizing that I am taking anabolics, even on a caloric deficit I was growing. So I took off LGD-4033 and after 2-3 days I will replace it with S4 Andarine, to get shredded. The...
  12. K

    LGD vs Testosterone

    - How would bulking on 10mg of LGD compare to say 250mg of Testosterone p/week in terms of muscle development? - How would bulking on 10mg of LGD compare to bulking naturally in terms of muscle development?
  13. J

    Bulking on SARMS without fat gain

    Hey guys, Was thinking about a bulking cycle with LGD and Osta. What sort of calorie surplus should I be looking at to maximise muscle gain on cycle whilst avoiding any fat gain? Also, with diet and nutrition on point, how much mass could someone expect to gain with LGD and Osta, on a...
  14. F

    Second SARM cycle, LGD and should I stack it with anything?

    So it's my second SARM cycle and from I've been reading LGD is the strongest sarm but is also a lot more suppressive than the rest. On my other post other members have recommended stacking LGD with RAD but from what I'm reading this is very suppressive. I ran MK2866 for almost 12 weeks now and...
  15. L

    Cycle For College Football Player

    Hey guys, I'm 6'1 and weigh 223lbs currently and I play linebacker. I have been lifting steadily for 8 years and I'm turning 21 in June. I have ran two cycles previously at the age of 16 and also when I was 18. (Dumb decision I know) They were both at low dosages though. The first was 150mg of...
  16. R

    Bulking Cycle

    What do you guys think of this bulking cycle I'm thinking of running. It will be my 3rd cycle. I'm 175 pounds right now 4 weeks out from a mens physique show and 5% BF. That will go up after the contest obviously, but the goal is to put on quality size for a national show. Okay here it is...
  17. T

    Second cycle help

    I'm starting my second cycle and I've been speaking to a professional bodybuilder who preps people for shows. Stats: 5ft11 23 years 12% body fat Aim: bulk then cut I've been training for years consistently First cycle I ran 300mg test prop only for 12 weeks. Under this bodybuilders advice...
  18. Gymscreechy

    Serious new member with questions

    Howdy, I'm 6'3 about 185lbs. Im 27 years old and I have been in and out of the gym for about 5 years, I have limited knowledge about dbol, which is what I want to begin to use. In the past I've gained from Russian bear and other mass gainers but have never Maintained the weight I acquired. What...
  19. G

    LEAN BULk and extreme cutting cycle

    Hello guys what do you think of a cycle that does bulking and cutting at once in 2 phases Week 1 2 3 30mg of dianabol every day, 200mg of decadurabolin, 152mg of tren hex and 250mg of test enanthate per week. Week 4 5 500mg of test enanthate, 200mg of decadurabolin and 152mg of hex train per...
  20. R

    Suggestions for first ever cycle.

    Hi, I have been working out for past 11 weeks now (4-5 days a week). I am at 160lbs now, 6' tall and 14% body fat. My goal is to put on roughly 15lbs. Looking forward to hear suggestions for my first ever cycle. Until now I have been consuming only whey protein and creatine. Please let me know...
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