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Thread: Test deca ratio

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    Test deca ratio

    Anyone here ever ran test lower than deca and had no problems? I really want deca to shine, but the majority tend to run test higher to fight shutdown..
    Anyone ever ran low test (200mg/week) with deca at 400mg/week, and with no problems? Thanks

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    many people do it that way man... a lot of people will have test amplify side effects... then there are others that like test higher and others that prefer them equal amounts... running test lower should not have any issue for you at all

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    Thanks. Ill try it out and adjust as needed

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    no problem

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    Bro you just asked the same question a few days ago about NPP. You know it's the same compound with a different ester right?

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    To answer your questions I ran Test @ 150 / Deca @ 300 and around weeks 12-16 my libido was gone. I'll never do it that way again. Took several weeks after that to get back to normal. I did not run Caber back then but I do now so it may be different with Caber.

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    Cool. I have caber on hand

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    yeah bro, you did ask this question already... are you sure you know what you are doing because thats very basic and if you dont even know that deca and npp are the same thing, you shouldnt be using them

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    Just keep an eye on it. Like Cbbram said, many people that run test lower than Deca end up with dick issues. Something to keep in mind

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