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Thread: Sarms in test cyp pct

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    Sarms in test cyp pct

    Hey guys I am going to be coming off a 15 week test cyp 500 mg a week cycle. My pct will consist of clomid/nolva/organ st/gw/Ostarine. I was curious if it was okay to run a full s4/Ostarine/gw 12 week cycle starting the same day I start my pct to bridge me into my test cyp/masteron cycle beginning in May of 2019. Thank you.

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    no, it's not ok, you must do you full pct first to let your body fully recover it's natural test levels,s4 is supressive and so is ostarine after 4 can however continue with GW since it's non hormonal, you can take it up to 16 weeks also want aromasin in your pct to prevent estrogen rebound

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    The sarms are going to prolong your recovery as previousely mentioned so no. If you were on TRT then it would be different.

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    no, you can start them after you finish pct but not during

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