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Thread: SARM advice

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    SARM advice

    Hey, I'm running a SARM cycle, LDG4033, S4 & GW501516. Aiming for 12 weeks an in the dosages suggested by Dylan G on Youtube. Im 5 weeks in, its going great!!! I\'m using up S4 pretty quickly and just wondering if I could drop S4 and stack with MK2866 instead as I have some of that. I don't know if its better to stick with the same compound all the way through rather than switch? Will I lose some of the benefits and have to start again so to speak? Would appreciate your thoughts. Cheers.

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    I would say stick with the s4 still and let it work its magic

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    you need to stick with what you have... dropping one and adding another will not get you near the results you would get if you simply finish them out as they are... stick with what you are doing

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