Why is it suggested to generally cycle sarms for 12 weeks.


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What’s going on all. Just about 1 month into umbrella labs ostarine/cardarine/andarine cycle and feeling great. Only side effect I’ve encountered is a little acne but the results have definetly been worth it thus far. Looking forward to taking dose for 8 more weeks and was wondering why it’s suggested to cycle sarms for 12 weeks instead of like 8-10 when it’s common that testosterone levels drop after a month. This may be a dumb question, but this is where I come for answers lol. Much appreciated
Its not a dumb questions.. you certainly can stop at 8 weeks if you like but you are leaving gains on the table.. they start to peak at 8 weeks.. you will start getting small amounts of suppression with most after 4 weeks but the extra 4 on the end are not going to be drastic on the suppression side but you certainly are leaving gains on the table.. Thats like you playing in the nba and retiring right when you are at your best years of it at your peak... its not the most logical but you would have still done some great things, but a lot left to do right? So you certainly can stop early if you want or have hesitation, but you likely wont be getting the most out of your time and money... so thats really a judgment call on your end
Dylan has you completely covered with tremendous advice! I recommend Umbrella Labs or Sarms4Sale for the very best quality sarms and peptides you can find!
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