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Thread: Rad 140 review

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    Rad 140 review

    Hello! I will tell you about my experience with rad 140. Currently 10 weeks on rad 140 only. I started it straight after powerlifting meet. My weight was 84kg my pb was squat 200kg bench 145kg deadlift 225kg. I wasn't eating clean for first 3 weeks ( that's what I usually do after competition) after that eating clean and taking creatin. I thin I started to feel something after 9 days. Strength was going up bodyweight too. Now after 10 weeks my stats are bodyweight 90kg squat 230kg bench 160kg deadlift 235kg. Only sides what I noticed was feeling sleepy during day usually after eating. But for short periods like maybe 15-20 min.
    So from this I can say YES sarms definitely works. I hope this experience will help someone.
    Now I have question. When I finish my 12th week do I need to take clomide?
    I will come back to let you know how I will feel after cycle.

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    thanks for sharing

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    When I finish my 12th week do I need to take clomide?

    Ummm of course you do need a PCT with RAD. These are things that should of been prepared before starting a cycle . Anyway......

    Mini PCT 4 weeks
    clomid 50/25/25/25
    GW 20 mg dosed once daily 4 weeks

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    I have it already just wanted to make sure...

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    Thanks for that, as you are already an experienced powerlifter it makes your results all the more meaningful. How much did you take each day?

    Any thoughts as to why your deadlift didn't increase as much as squat and bench?

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    Im taking 20mg a day.
    I had injury what didn't allow me to deadlift for about 4 weeks but still make some progress so happy with that.

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    So I finished rad only cycle and did mini pct after. I would say my strength didn't drop at all after. Maybe was a bit harder to recover after workout and was getting tired more quickly but strength is still there.
    Can't wait to do next cycle what will be S4+ LGD. Will start that 8 weeks before next competition.

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