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Thread: A quick question regarding your video on youtube

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    A quick question regarding your video on youtube

    Hi Dylan,

    Firstly thank you for your vids on youtube, they are great and my go to.

    Something that you did not mention in this vid (see link below) about how much test to run is that you did not mention the time frame in which to take test. For example you say 250 mg of test. Is this 250 mg per week? You dont mention the time interval, is it per week or per month.

    Thanks again,
    from South Africa

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    Injectable testosterone doses are per week. How many times per week you inject, and how much per injection will vary with the type of ester. For example with testosterone cypionate or enanthate, you will likely inject twice per week at 125mg per injection, whereas with testosterone propionate you would likely inject around 75mg every other day.
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    thats per week, thats general common steroid knowledge... time you run it depends on the ester you pick...

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