Just wanted to start off by thanking Dylan and the senior membership of this site. I?ve always trusted the boards source for SARMs for the last few years and never have been let down. The customer service from Sarms4sale is amazing and the results I?ve been getting so far are truly great.

I?m currently on week 5 of 12
MK (Osterine)

Was thinking of adding SR90009 at week 6, for 12 weeks but that would run me into my mini-pct. is that ok or should I just wait for after my PCT?

I?m mostly a Crossfitter, my strength and Endurance has gone through the roof, and listening to what all you gents say... it really starts kicking in at 8 week. Can?t wait to see what that looks like. I will be posting before, mid-way and after pics. Results are amazing

All the best