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Thread: Need help on 2nd cycle

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    Need help on 2nd cycle

    Hi, I'm 29 yo .. 14%bf .. 164lbs .. 4 years training .. strict diet ..

    1st cycle was sustanon 250 x2 injections per week for 12 weeks ..
    Pct was 50mg clomid and 20mg nolva for 4 weeks.

    I'm almost done with my 2nd cycle:
    Wk1-16 deca 300mg ew
    Wk1-18 sus 250 (500mg ew)
    Wk1-4 dianabol 30mg ed

    Wk15-18 hcg 750iu x2 per week

    Pct - 4 weeks clomid 50mg ed
    - 4 weeks nolva 20mg ed

    I knew i should have ran an ai but my trainer said it's not necessary..

    I just shot the last sustanon on wk 18 and hcg and i started to notice for the first time there are small lumps ander my nipples and my nipples look "puffy", i knew it was the start of gyno but i have no idea what to take! Some people say arimidex or aromasin or letrozole .. and i hear you can also get estrogen rebound from them?

    Please i just want to get rid of these lumps i really don't want it there, I've noticed my sex drive is also lower and i have a decrease in strengh and energy .. so I'm guessing my prolactin is high ..

    I start pct 2 weeks from now .. i just want to know what should i take to get rid of these lumps and ensure i don't get gyno during/after cycle .. and what to do to decrease prolactin (increase energy, strengh and sex drive)

    1) what should i take?
    2) how long should i take it?
    3) what dose should i take?
    4) will it mess up my pct?
    5) can i take it prior to pct without test?
    6) is there something that will help with the gyno and prolactin?
    7) did hcg, sus or deca cause gyno?
    8) any other guidance would really be appreciated!!
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    You are too young to do AAS. Dont be that guy, learn to train properly. 20 is way too early to start you will ruin your life

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    That's a mess bro, well your going to hear it for sure for already doing a 2nd cycle at 20 yrs old. I also see you used Decca and Dbol, your trainer don't know shit and got you all fucked up, you have no prolactin control and no ai for estrogen conversion, better get blood work done asap to find out what your levels are so you can treat them accordingly.

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    I'm sorry but you are way too young for steroid use, and thetes no way that we are going to advise you on a cycle being that young

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    Sorry about that, i ment 29 not 20 :/
    Sorry guys..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunter2864 View Post
    Sorry about that, i ment 29 not 20 :/
    Sorry guys..
    That's a huge difference but I'm going to try and give you the benefit of the doubt.

    How tall are You? What is your experience?

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    Fyi....its all speculation without bloodwork. You ran no ai and no prolactin control, so you having gyno is kinda expected

    You need better research and knowledge befo re jumping into these things bro

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    how tall are you man? what other compounds have you ran? where is your bloodwork?

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    Yo man you know "0" and "9" are next together on my phone keyboard, just a stupid mistake, I'm 1.71m .. i did my research, i wanted to take an ai and dostanex during cycle, but my trainer said i should just leave it (i know, stupid of me to do that)

    Compound ran 2nd cycle:
    Sus 250. Wk1-18. 500mg ew
    Deca 300. Wk1-16. 300mg ew
    Dianabol. Wk1-4. 30mg ed
    Hcg. Wk15-18. 750iu x2 ew

    Like i said I'm waiting 2 weeks to go on pct (clomid) i have nolvadex and letrozole i got from a friend ..

    I haven't done any bloodwork..
    (What exactly should i do to get bloodwork done)(i know stupid question so just be nice and help a brother out!!)

    Just need to know what to do please.. Dylan bro need your advice, you know your shit. Thanks a lot

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    this is the bloodwork test you need but you also need to add the prolactin test to it as well...

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