1. B

    First SARM cycle one year post op gyno surgery

    Im 27 and have been lifting consistantly the passed 5 years or so. I had surgery about 1 year ago for gyno ive had since puberty (gland removal/lipo). I am now considering running a sarm cycle of purely ostarine so I can see how my body responds to it. I'd obviously get my blood work down...
  2. F

    Low Test/Low Est, First Cycle?

    I’m 19 years old, body fat around 16%, 173lbs, 5’10. Have been working out for a few years, tracking my nutrition, more than 6hrs of sleep every night, pretty much doing everything well. I recently got bloodwork done, testosterone = 178, estrogen = 7.1. These both came on the low end, and I...
  3. S

    Gyno advice needed - First SARM Cycle

    Hi, I have decided to give sarms a try after training natural for a few years... but I have a problem with gyno since puberty and it seems to have grown i got out of shape a few years back (going up to 30% bodyfat). I am around 20% bodyfat at the moment and want to start a cycle of ostarine. I...
  4. B

    Mild Gyno Advice

    Hey guys, I would like to post here about my situation with gyno to see if I can get some help with my situation to see if I am going in the right direction, thanks in advance for the help. To start off I got my run in with gyno after a bad SARM cycle in which I got some bad dosage advice with...
  5. M

    Letrozol, Gyno

    I have a question about letrozol. Long story short, I got gyno from test as I didn't take AI. So I started taking nolvadex for about two weeks now. I just got letro and I took half of it (1.25) and next day I had this burning sensation on my left nipple. So I thought may be it's under dose, so...
  6. I

    How to get rid of gyno

    I am running test e- 600mg per week Tren-400mg per week I used deca 400 mg per week for 2 months and i stopped it and jst started tren e from last 2 weeks.... But now m feeling lump to both of my nipples.... What should i do to get rid of that..
  7. G

    Steroid use as a teen. Need help!

    Alright short briefing. I ran a dianabol and test cycle with no inhibitor and no I have minor but noticeable by me and by others at some angles and if felt. It personally bothers me and I’m more than willing to remove gyno this minor even if it’s a couple thousand dollars. I recently turned 17...
  8. K

    Introduction, First SARMS Cycle Advise

    Hey Bros, Happy to be on the forum - Much respect. Stats: 35 y.o., 5'11", 185 lbs., 20% BF. Goals: Recomp. (with help from SARMS stack). Nutrition/Supplements: High-fat, Ketogenic, Paleo diet, low-carb, (mostly grass-fed beef, and organic greens) intermittent fasting, vitamins, minerals...
  9. M

    Pubertal Gynecomastia

    Greetings everyone, I am 18 years old and currently have gyno(not from steroids), there are episodes of 1-2 hours once monthly when my nipples get sensitive and start to hurt. I think that my gyno have been developing for 1 maybe 2 years. Is it possible to cure it with SERMs?
  10. S

    Ostarine / Arimidex dosage?

    Hello, So I started my first ever Ostarine cycle about a week and a half ago (4/5/18), and I noticed that my right nipple was getting a little puffy/sensitive and my libido was tanking after about a week. I was dosing correctly at 0.25mg ED in the morning, but the symptoms came quickly...
  11. K

    Letro for gyno and when to stop

    Had some gyno flare up on my first cycle very late while running sustanon @500mg a week. I took bad advice and didn’t get an aromatase inhibitor in time to stop gyno. I started taking letrozole as soon as I felt the pea sized lump behind my nip. I have been using it for roughly a week now, and...
  12. X

    Tiny marbe sized lump does not go away with letro!

    hey! I got gyno lumps when i entered pct even after using 12.5mg aromasin with nolva and clomid. The left nipple wasnt that bad but it was puffy. the right nipple had a marbe to coin sized lump and i freaked out. i have treated gyno on cycle before with just nolva at 30mg/day but now i got...
  13. H

    Need help on 2nd cycle

    Hi, I'm 29 yo .. 14%bf .. 164lbs .. 4 years training .. strict diet .. 1st cycle was sustanon 250 x2 injections per week for 12 weeks .. Pct was 50mg clomid and 20mg nolva for 4 weeks. I'm almost done with my 2nd cycle: Wk1-16 deca 300mg ew Wk1-18 sus 250 (500mg ew) Wk1-4 dianabol 30mg ed...
  14. R

    First Cycle, Gyno Onset

    Hey guys, if you're reading this thank you in advance for taking the time. Anyway I am currently running 1.5cc of Test Prop every other day and I have been on Arimidex from the get go, I take a quarter tab every day along with my vitamins rather than half tab every other day which is the norm...
  15. K

    Cabergoline for Libido problems

    So I have low libido and slight ED caused by Finasteride and Antidepressants. I bought some Cabergoline for my NPP cycle 2 months ago (with testosterone replacement therapy) but never used it. I have stopped NPP for the last 2 months. Working out whether to use the Caber or not. Question...
  16. K

    Symptoms of gyno - not sure why?

    Hey guys, So the past few weeks I have been experiencing sore nipples with a slight lump beneath. I previously had experienced some Gyno symptoms from my Blast cycle of Testosterone 300mg and NPP 300mg, but this was around 3 months ago. I have not been on a steroid cycle since then. Currently...
  17. TheFish

    tips for someone getting gyno surgery?

    After suffering from a slight case of puberty based gyno I've decided to take the plunge and get the surgery. I'm scheduled for next month. Anyone have any 1st hand accounts on how the recovery was? How long until you were back in the gym? How long did you have to wear a compression shirt...
  18. B

    Complications during cycle gyno or reaction

    Sudden Gyno Help! Follow up post Hi Guys. Appreciate the help and appologize for long entry and if it's paranoia. I posted a day or two ago about my right armpit and pec suddenly getting swollen with armpit pain the night of getting a Flu shot. However it started to appear to be a gyno flare up...
  19. M

    Aromatase Inhibitors

    Hey guys just wanted to refresh/open up the discussion about the process of going about using AIs and their consequent integration into any Cycle.. For example Letro vs Arimidex and WHY one is more advantageous in certain regards vs others from experience, I have used Letrozole and have had...
  20. R


    Alright heres my cycle and stats. I have a little gyro in my left nipple. Sust 150 EOD Masteron 100 megs EOD Anavar 50 ED Clen 40 mcg 2 days on 1 day off Keto 1 mg on clean days Arimidex .5 EOD Nolva .5 ED I'm 175 pounds 5% BF 4 weeks out. Is the bubble underneath my nipple permanent...
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